Today is My Birthday. I Ordered a Tesla.

Brown P85 with all the trimmings. I also ordered a personalized license: ESS MAN.

Any thoughts?

Congrats, and happy birthday! Perhaps you should special order a big bow to be put on top that they always do in the car commercials.

Just got mine for my birthday a few weeks ago. Congrats

Happy birthday! Maybe "ps man"?

@akimball. Happy Birthday. Where will you take delivery?


Sorry, today is MY birthday. You're going to have to choose another. But congratulations on the car!


akimball - congrats!
Is the license plate a reference to Kramer on Sienfeld? If so, I love it!

brought Fusilli Jerry to mind!

Ordered mine in Nov and was hoping to get it for my birthay which is tomorrow. I got it March 1st... but car gets a ribbon tomorrow and a good ride to the beach.

Happy Birthday!
Now that I think about it, that could have a double meaning.

A present that can be truly enjoyed for many birthdays to come. Happy driving the Ess.

Jamon: A fellow Seinfeld fan. You are right on target.

Bighorn: We also recently bought a Fiat 500e. We tried to get the FUSILLI license plate but it was already taken. We rewatched the Seinfeld Assman/Fusilli Jerry episode last night and could resist going for the license.

It's great to be part of the Tesla family. At long last.

@akimball - I love it. Especially if you're a proctologist!!

-Excellent! Excellent!

Now if we can just find those lanes on the turnpike that Kramer repainted to make them more luxurious. Perfect paring with the Tesla!

Happy belated birthday! :)

My 60 th Birthday present.

I ordered mine on my birthday in June, got it last Wednesday. Best car in the world. Even my wife loves it as much as I do and she has never been a car person. She'd be just as happy with a Civic as a 7 series (she told me that before, but I won't let her get a Civic).

I also got my car on my birthday as well. Happy birthday!

NICE GIFT! Congratulations !

Happy birthday and EXCELLENT gift to yourself.

Wait, my birthday was last week . . . OH, you ordered on your birthday! Happy Birthday!

And you chose the right color (I own a brown Model S).

30th anniversary present/suggestion from my wife...who is not a major car person.

I have my Model S 85 coming in October for my birthday. At 59, I'm not looking forward to #60 except I will have a Model S 85 and I will feel 25.

I bought my P85+ on my birthday too. I can get through a day without cursing, but I can't get through one without a rationalization:-)

I got one ordered for my anniversary.

Happy birthday. What a great present this is. Welcome to the club

"Free yourself from putt-putts! Get a Model S!"

Happy birthday!

Too close to ASS MAN. Might want to rethink that one.

I was thinking of getting rid of my current plate and getting a vanity that says THXELON. Wife says no. Elon's head is large enough, she says.

Happy birthday! And I like the license plates.

I ordered my grey 60 on June 24th, and the delivery just got moved up a few days so that I am now picking it up this Saturday July 27, which happens to be my birthday. Very excited.

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