The wait...

This sucks! I've never felt such impatience.

@elguapo. We have almost the same config, and I finalized 3/21 also. (you have great taste!) I emailed Tesla yesterday asking for a delivery window and they gave me May 10-22. I hope it's earlier! I'm in FL, maybe that's why mine is a little later than yours?

60kWh, blue/black leather, pano, air, tech pkg, sound studio, 19"

@Btrflyl8e I called again today (I have to stop myself from calling daily!) and they gave me an updated window of 5/8-5/22, so almost exactly like you. Awesome configuration choices! Like you, I am hoping it comes early! I live less than two miles from a service center, so I am hoping that helps speed delivery (though I can't think of a great reason it should).

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