What are the most popular exterior colors that people are choosing?

I went with Silver, but have not seen many. However, I am interested in what other people have chosen.

@Christine. In Newport. In fact one night last week while making the short drive to Bandera I saw a white S on the way to the restaurant and a different white S (1 had temp tags, 1 had permament tags) on the way home! They are everywhere! How long have you had yours? I'm about 10 days in.

Watch for me in my Sig Red in OC. Plate is Nil Oil.

Mine is silver and agree with Swigg66 that silver is not very popular color. I have told by Tesla people that black is still the most popular color among MS owners. I think no matter of what color you have chosen with your MS, she is always beautiful.

Someone over at TMC is keeping track of Orders, Deliveries, VINs and color. Of the 296 folks who have volunteered info on their cars, 20.6% are Blue, 17.6% Grey, 17.2% White (probably includes Pearl), 12.8% Black, 12.2% Red (must be Signature Red since these are for cars delivered), 8.8% Green, 7.8% Silver and finally 3% Brown. With 296 entries it covers close to 10% of the total delivered and is probably close to actual, but then I'm no statistician.
I think we will have to bribe someone over at the factory to get the real results. :)

@jz13, the one with temp tag could be me! I do go to fashion island quite a bit.
I took delivery 2/22 and already logged 1030 miles.
Looking for every excuse to take my baby out :-)

I will soon be mounting license plates with LvTesla (v is a heart shape)

@Christine - awesome! I'll keep an eye out for you.

Love my silver!!!

You mean L♥Tesla or ♥Tesla? ☺

My soon to be 85kWh will be Midnight Blue with Grey Leather. Funny thing is that with so few around, there's already a Blue MS in the garage at my office.

Mine is grey w/grey leather. IN general, I am not a fan of grey. But the Tesla (dolphin) grey has blue undertones that I love. I would call that steel blue.

I got green with grey leather and matte obeche wood. Seemed like a very elegant combination and I figured the green would be rare.

hnashif I agree with grey/grey. Ii seems sometimes blue and sometimes black, but mostly awesome grey

I really like the new red, and put it together with the black interior(I have two small dogs), silver 21" wheels,
P85, Pano roof, twin chargers, CF.
Ordered 08/12, finalized 01/13, delivery 05/13.
#406 in Canada, so this is going to be quite a rarity up here!

I've just ordered model S in brown and still debating over changing it to black. Any brown tesla owners out there? Did it meet your expectations? Would you change the color if given a choice now? Is it easy to keep it clean ?
I would appreciate any suggestions!

Lovin my Pearl White, with the 21 inch black rims.

There are way too many silver cars now-a-days, Toyotas, Hondas, Kias, Chevys etc.,therefore I went wild and ordered a grey Tesla! :-)

Silver and white.


Kind of Blue! It's beautiful.


Grey Leather
Pano Roof

I have silver with a Pano roof and gray interior. Saw the Signature Red a few weeks ago and love it. I was a year to late for that color.

Any color is fun to drive though.

White is the new black. You see a lot of high end performance white cars nowadays especially Audi S's and AMG's on the street that few years ago were mostly black. Mine is pearl white accented with black pano and grey 21" rim. Black interior of course.

Mira, I have seen the Model S and the Panamera in brown and they remind me of a 1956 Plymouth....Butt ugly! If you are buying a car for appeal, the brown is simply not a head turner, nor a color to be considered IMHO. I have sig red and have also seen the new red....both nice and both attract the eye, but I honestly have to say, having seen all colors at our local SC over the last few months, brown is the only color you can go wrong with.

I have silver with 19" rims, here is a pic if I recall how to post them correctly on this forum.

I would say brown is probably the most rare. I would have ordered the blue but my lovely wife vetoed it. Very happy with the silver!

Multi-Coat Red and only eleven more days to go.

Mine is green delivered 12/3. Numerous complements and unusual. There are four greens in the entire San Fernando Valley - Calif. Looks black at night and glows as a green hornet during the day. Tan interior adds elegance to an already elegant car. Be sure to opti coat pro the car to enhance any of the colors.

Stela is Black and black (interior). Love the color

white + Black roof, LOVE it


The most popular color is the one that you choose!

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