What car will you trade in?

In my case: Jaguar XF

(If you see the model just mention : total for that model)

2007 Porsche 911 4S convertible and 2010 Lexus RX450h

Trading in my '07 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG. Having purchased the car almost 6 years ago I am still in love with it. I have never held onto a car this long but it has been the perfect car for me.

My original thought was that I would replace the car with a newer CLS 63 in 2013. Then last spring I stumbled into my local Tesla store and was very intrigued by the 17" display and the car's claimed performance numbers. I was a bit skeptical however because Tesla is such a young auto manufacturer. In late September I returned to the showroom to see if they had a real car on display. An hour later I pulled out my credit card and made the deposit. I am not an impulsive buyer. I usually do tons of research before changing my mind on such an important decision. The fact that I made an instant decision to give Tesla money is testament to what an amazing leap this car is over any other car on the road. My hedge was that the deposit was fully refundable and I was withholding final decision until a test drive.

2 weeks later I took a buddy with me on the test drive. We got the Tesla smile instantly. "They nailed it" we agreed as we left the Tesla store. Decision was finalized right then and there. Decision was validated a month later when it started winning all the awards. Yesterday I finalized my order and I am looking forward to delivery by March. I couldn't be more excited to trade in my German gas guzzler for my new American electric beast.

2011 Buick Lacrosse w/ just under 21k miles. I'm going to miss pausing live radio (really kool feature), heated steering wheel, ventilated seats, rear sun shade, and On-Star Remote Link App. I will not miss the $60wk in gas, laborious acceleration, and tiny trunk.

That said, am I the only one AGONIZING over MS color choice?? After much thought, I configured w/ Brown, black leather, and Obeche gloss. Now I'm considering Gray w/ gray leather and Lacewood. Both 60Kwh w/ 21" silver wheels and ALL options.

Any recommendations? Thx!

I have aI 2001 Lexus LS430, 126,000 miles, spotless new tires, brakes, timing belt, navigation, Levinson Sound, moon roof, garaged all winter

Photos available.

I was planning to trade or sell one of my Porsches to put down on the Tesla, but decided to keep them. As much as I'm going to like the quietness of the MS, I still want the unique Porsche sound.

Jag XF, for the 'S' and planning on Range Rover for 'X', when available.

@ Volker.Berlin
Welcome have been missed!

As said on the thread you linked to: '85 vette with ~30K miles, '98 Jetta with ~140K miles.

2010 Jaguar XKR

Sold my wife's '09 MB R350 to CarMax a week ago awaiting delivery of our S85. If we like it as much as I think we will, I'll put my '12 QX56 up for sale iin 2014 in exchange for an MX.

I will sell my RS5 as soon as I am reasonably sure there are no issues to fix after delivery of the MS. And that it is working on snow ;-) where it has to fall short of the Quattro (as everything does).

Toyota Avensis 2001 Stationwagon. ;-)

I sold my 1976 Datsun 280Z two months ago on KIJIJI. I was the original owner and it had original paint.

2009 Porsche Carrera S Cabriolet - 28000 miles. Sold after 1 1/2 days for almost $10k more than the Autonation offer.

Now am in a rental until my sept 21 delivery of a P85.

I was hoping to trade in the wife for the red mistress but she wouldn't budge.

The boss agreed to let me ride the mistress as a daily commuter ;0

I'm keeping my gas-guzzling 2008 Prius with 150,000 miles.

2010 BMW 535xi wagon :)

Sold my 2007 Mercedes ML 350 to my grateful brother-in-law. It only had 30000 mi. on the odometer and was running well. Of course that's after the Mercedes dealer extended my warranty to cover replacement of a balance shaft?! I'm happy that I'll never have that problem with my excellent MS 60.

VW Touareg V6

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X from 2008. The first of the Evo X in Estonia. Likely to have the first Model S now :)

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