What caused TSLA stock to go up/down today?

Hoping this thread might pick up steam as TSLA stock goes through some amazing intra-day and open/closing swings due to the large short interest (I'm assuming).

For instance: Yesterday the stock dipped really low at closing so I bought. Today it jumped back up and I sold for a healthy profit.

Why did the stock dip yesterday and then rise so much today? I didn't see any news that would justify it.

I received a Schwab email with a performance review for the week, Market flat, DIA down slightly, SPY up slightly, TSLA up 14.0% for the week. Just another aspect of the Tesla Grin.

Peaked at 173 today, crashed back to opening level, 164. Day traders must be having a wild ride!

Day traders locking in profits early after Syria war strike talk by Kerry, NATO countries, etc.

Some end to the week! About a buck up from 3:10 to 3:50, then $2 in the last 10 min, on heavy volume. WUWT?

Possible someone wanting to hold the stock for what I term WOMM = Word of Mouth Monday. If you look at most of the Monday's over the last few months TSLA has been up big on little to no Tesla news. The exceptions being the few Mondays when analysts have issued negative valuation reports. WOMM happens because over the weekend we are giving test drives to our neighbors and relatives and word of mouth is spreading. Then they decide to buy on Monday.

Anyonw know what today's drop was from? I saw one downgrade report back to the $180's, no other news.

(Did I really just load up on some more TSLA today at $184? Is this nuts? Tesla has me doing crazy things.)

NoMo, I saw before the market opened this morning Baird cut Tesla from Outperform to Neutral.

Someone wants to buy in, and feels better if it is downgraded... Pending european deliveries and asian orders at Q3 end. (Some countries have fees/duties tied to the liter displacement of petrol engines.)

Wmg - thanks, hadn't seen that

Larmorfreq - makes sense. I'm going to pick up some more if it hits 170's.

Well, NoMODinos, I loaded up yesterday at 190.30 and again today at 180.50. My stomach dropped more when it hit 175 than it does when I step on the accelerator from a stop in my Model S P85.

The Baird article was then quoted and embellished upon in a Forbes article that hit around 11 this morning Pacific time. Whereupon it fell even faster. Back up to 180 by close. Whew.

I agree with larmorfreq - these downgrades/articles make one suspicious that they're written and timed to provide someone with a chance to buy in at a dip....knowing that it's going to go through the roof when earnings are released early November.

Hope you picked up a bunch at 175!!!!

What percentage of owners do you think are shareholders? And vice versa.

The move today was started by the Baird downgrade to neutral and followed by a report of a Model S on fire that had people panicking until we hit $175 and Tesla released a statement that this was due to a severe crash and fire was contained to the front of the car with all safety systems working perfectly. The stock immediately recovered to $181 level and wobbled there until close. Was able to load up some long plays during the bottom though :)

The market is in a general panic today because of the actions by a group of terrorists in the House of Representatives.

I believe the drop was long overdue. I just suspected that the upcoming GS report would be the catalyst. Instead the Baird downgrade and reports of a fire pulled it down into the 170s.

I believe we may be in for a wild ride for the next 10-14 days.

I do not feel the actions (OK inactions) of our elected representatives did much to move the stock today. I would be more nervous about the potential upcoming debate about the 'debt ceiling' mid month. That could be bad for the market as a whole.

Yeah, I think we're in for a wild ride through November when the earnings report comes out. The debt ceiling showdown is giving me nightmares, though. I'm considering moving my actual retirement funds into a cash position in the weeks leading up to it.

Anyone know the date of the earnings report yet?

Cee Two - got some more at 178 (sold off all of my Netflix and Apple to cover it). Without any data to support me, I have strong feelings about a big bump with the next earnings report. (I believe!) There was a nice thread a couple weeks ago about how many Tesla owners are not TSLA owners. I'm guessing it's about 40% of Model S/Roadster owners who also have some stock, and maybe a bit less for the inverse.

Mario - nicely done! I always seem to just miss it :) Hopefully this plays out well for all of us.

ER: I think I read on TMC, November 6th?

Stock: First support level is about 175-6, if we break through that significantly it could be bringing with it a bigger drop. I feel Musk will not allow this to happen without releasing some positive new. Perhaps saying European or Asia demand is greater than expected without revealing actual numbers. Some suggestion (beyond what is already rumored) about a battery supply deal.

I really Really wish we could edit posts on TM....please?

new= news

Any reason for the $8+ drop in price today? I don't see anything in the news. I'm ready to buy more call options on this dip, but want to make sure I'm not missing something...

I sold mine (300 bought at $ 28) for $ 189 last week because The Tesla Factory is building your Model S since 4 days…

I some long term shares last week and I got back in with a few extra shares at a lower price. I'm holding them a long term so I think the government will re-open before then.

Sounds like today's dip is just about market concerns over the debt limit default. Price is recovering quickly now. The window of time to "buy low" is very narrow these days!

edit-- I sold some long term shares last week and got back in...

Gosh. I guess my head gets ahead of my fingers sometimes.

I was happy to see TSLA dip today, it triggered my buy order and now my wife and I are proud Tesla stockholders whose new Model S is set to arrive in our garage by early December.

I'm in the stock for the long term so will ignore the daily fluctuations for years to come.

What I think many people don't realize is that Tesla isn't just a car company. They are an energy storage company that happens to make cars. Their future earnings potential is huge...

It's like wagging candy over a hungry kid. I just keep going for the bait when it gets under 180!

The Tea Party Gov shutdown is affecting the economy and markets are nervous. Just wait for next week with the debt ceoiling. Don't sale just hold it.

Don't just hold either... be ready to buy in the panic!

Big drop today closing at 168.78 I did not see any news so not sure what dropped the price. My auto buy kicked in at 179. LOL Maybe the news of new competition with many OEM's starting to release EV's in the next few months?

I think it's all due to market jitters over the debt limit issues. Tesla had such a fast ride up that people assume it has a long way to fall if the whole market goes south. And so many people made big profits, so they're willing to sell TSLA before a lot of their other holdings. As soon as the debt ceiling is raised - and people start looking towards Q3 earnings - I think the stock will soar back up. IMHO.

According to the NASDAQ site, the Q3 report will be released Nov. 4. Nice little buying opportunities in advance of that.

No idea how they come up with this date (also google finance) but it's been wrong for the last couple of quarters. TM will probably announce the date on its website few days before release as it did in the recent past.

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