What other features would you want on an S?

Looking at the nice photo of the full glass roof (go to, click on "Model S", click on "Learn More ->" just above and to the right of "300 Miles per charge") made me wonder as others have: will it be too hot? Can you see the information on the touchscreen?

How will you "close" the view above?
Is switchable glass possible for automotive and curved glass applications? (LCD built in to the glass makes it electrically controllable to be clear vs. "frosted" (translucent) or "mirror" (opaque).

If it's possible, there would be no significant weight or volume difference from standard glass. Instant control from the dash. (Fresh air is done the old fashioned way...)

That's (1) for me.
While I'm brainstorming (fantasizing?), someday I'd like to see some other electronic features:
(2) How does Google Maps get their traffic information? Internet connected cars could easily periodically report their position and average speed for wherever they are, thus enabling intelligent re-routing of other connected cars around traffic, whatever the cause.

(3) I'm used to backup cameras. What I'd really like is a simulated view of my car seen from above, showing all the cars nearby. This might be done with front, back and side cameras and real-time stitching, or with ultrasonic or laser scanning around the car. The view would show on a display, preferably one that can be seen easily while driving. No need to look over your shoulder as you're about to cut someone off with a lane change when you already know they're there. Not a replacement for good driving, but nice.

(4) Skype application in the car. Mobile ISPs don't like it, but it would be nice.

(5) Social mode: detect other nearby cars with local connectivity (Bluetooth auto-pairing? Wireless access point from your car to others?) and talk to them over your Bluetooth mike and speakers! "Man, did you see that guy cut off the ambulance!" "Do you know any good restaurants around here?" "Do you know what's causing this traffic?" "How 'bout them Yankees?" :) "Nice day!" "I like the color of your Tesla S - wanna get a cup of coffee?" It would make driving more like walking with others in public - more personable. But you could just shut it off!

I'm sure many of you have ideas, too!

I thought that handle opened up pretty quickly. Also it seems like in any other situation, people could let themselves out of the backseat.

I'd like to throw my vote out there for cooled or at least vented seats.

I got a rental car while my daily driver was being fixed. It had cooled seats, and I LOVE this feature. My daily driver has black seats, and being that Los Angeles is super hot during the summer, my legs and back are always uncomfortable for the first 15-20 minutes of the drive, until the entire car has equalized to a cooler temperature from the AC.

If there's ONE feature I with the Tesla to have, it would be cooled/vented seats!

- Tony

- Make the "pop-tart" door handles an option (which I won't buy)
- Move charging port to front of car, behind T-badge
- And while you're there, remove the middle silver line on the front area. In fact, get rid of all the silver trim and center the T-badge

I would really like to see blind spot notification added to the car. They are making it a really safe car so why not add blind spot notification??? With all I am reading and seeing though, it really is an amazing car! Bought more stock!

re your "Social Mode" #5, prev. page, the pix of the BMW i8 & i3 transparent doors suggest another one (or two): "Hubba, hubba!" "Nice lower appendages!" Etc.

8-O !!

I agree with MHz, a Heads-Up display would be great.

I really want all of the modern electronic safety features that I can get on the car;a daptive cruise, lane assist, lane warning, pedestrian ID, bumper proximity etc. Everything that other companies have thought of. These will help me keep the Tesla in one piece. I know not all of them may be implemented by option finalization cutoff. How about at least planning for adding them at a later date as they can be developed. Run the wiring harness or optical fiber now. Sell me the upgrade later. I like this idea as a stockholder. It keeps the installed base of cars as and ongoing revenue stream. Reactions?

@Thumper: I agree that building an "extensible platform" makes good sense, provided that it's not overly expensive and that Tesla can predict reasonably well what the extensions will/might be.

(I'll still argue that Adapative Cruise Control is a safety reducing feature because it encourages people to have cruise control on when they really should be driving the car fully under their manual control.)

I frequently have to commute in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour each way. ACC would be a Godsend!

That said, I noticed that it was a $2,500 option on the BMW.

Heads up display, like the corvette, BMW. And Lexus, and fighter jets. Vented seats in Florida would be appreciated

Robert.B, Your point about cruise control is well taken. I also don't need or want full park assist. I sorely want the blind spot warning because even with well placed mirrors, you can't always look in time to avoid an idiot coming into you from the blind spot. I also would use front and rear proximity sensors. Curbs and parking bumpers are impossible to see, touching them is too late and not pulling into spots as fully as possible leaves the back end out in traffic.

vented seats. All luxury cars in the anticipated price range have them as at least an option.

One other thing is a retractable cover for the full glass roof. I would like to have this roof configuration (it is beautiful!); but there are times when the glare makes a cover necessary for safe driving. It would also make the cabin cooler on hot days. I'm sure Tesla's engineers could develop something that would maintain the appearance they are striving for and still deliver the functionality of a shade.

Having never been allowed to sit in the Alpha, and not seeing the Beta, I'm mostly going by what's been said here.

For the price (whatever that turns out to be -- soon? ) I'd like the interior of the car to compare favorably with the interior of all similarly priced cars. People who are looking at the car as a possibility will not be sold on the EV capabilities alone, and will be turned off if the Model S looks (inside) like a $25,000 car with a big screen.

It looks like blind spot cameras will be included in hardware - so it's only software that would make it available to me while changing lanes. And I would also like vented seats.

And I'm hoping that the driver visibility (glancing over the shoulder, etc.) is better than so many of the cars out there. If it isn't, the side cameras should do well as an assist.

RB, heard the Urban Legend(?) about the woman who bought a new Winnebago, went out on the freeway on the way home, set CC, and went into the back to make a coffee?

When rescued from the ditch, she was indignant. Sued Winnebago for not making it explicit that you still had to steer--and won. Subsequently, the point was made prominent and clear in the Owner's Manual.

Probably untrue, but funny!

I really really really want a standard two (or three) pronged outlet. I have one in my car now, and I find it to be invaluable. It's one of those things that you wouldn't think you need until you get start using it every day.

@Brian H: the version of that urban legend I had heard was of the RV owner who went back to find himself a beer. Same idea....

EdG: The interior of our Model S can never compare with the interior of "all similarly priced cars", because the other cars aren't carrying $30K worth of batteries. Everyone's vision of the Model S interior needs to be taken down one or two notches.

Personally, that's why I'm not a fan of the touch display. How much does that add to the cost of an already expensive car? If I could save $10,000 and just get buttons and knobs I'd do it in a heartbeat.

The touchscreen might actually be cheaper, on an all-in basis, than the instrumentation in a BMW 5-series. The labor cost to install (including wiring) all the 50+ knobs and dials has got to be substantial.

Robert.Boston, I second that. I think that Tesla made a smart move with this screen, placing the Model S as avantgarde and technically superior, while conserving money on the assembly at the same time.

The computer itself is required in any case, the only difference is whether it is interfaced through hard buttons or through the touch screen. If you put it this way, the touch screen is just a single knob to be mounted into the dash.

It isn't immediately obvious which is the cheaper alternative, but I'd venture saying that Tesla would not have gone with the touch screen if that would have increased their production cost on the bottom line.

I think we all would want a smart phone holder, like a cup holder but a small slim slot about 1 inch deep that you could insert the phone in and that would keep it upright so you can see the screen. I understand you can link the phone but there still is a need for this. These aftermarket add-ons are just dump. Of course this would work well with the center console that this car also needs to help it flow better and have a place to put all our stuff......Wayne from Philly

I will really really really really really miss the standard, two-pronged 120V outlet I currently have in my car (and yes, it's a car, a sedan, not a van, SUV, or something like that) if the Model S doesn't have it.

It's one of those things that you don't think you need, but find it invaluable once you get used to using it as part of your everyday life.

It's so convenient that I don't have to mess with buying special car chargers for everything. Now me or my passengers can charge/power their phones, gaming devices, MP3 players, etc using their normal chargers.

OOOH, yes, another vote for a standard 120V 10 amp outlet. The number of things I might want to plug in.... just requires a small inverter, Tesla, just a little low-powered one....

With Volker's description of the rear visibility challenge due to the aerodynamic shape, I become more and more sold on the benefits of side and rear cameras, with images available on the dash. I've always been amazed at how many cars are designed with terrible blind spot visibility built into the rear side windows and roof line. Volker has given a reason for that.

The software cost is already going to the Model X. It's just a matter of getting the hardware in place.

I'd like to see blind spot cameras on every Model S off the line, as per the Model X dashboard feature.


I don't think you will get your wish. Engineers focused on efficiency have a hard time justifying turning DC into AC, knowing that someone will just plug a 'wall wort' into it that will waste charge 24/7. Even when some device is charging, you are wasting lots of energy turning it into AC and then immediately back to DC. If your list is comprehensive (phones, gaming devices, MP3 players, etc), then there is a better solution. Many apple devices come with an AC adapter that is just a little box (a switching power supply) that plugs into the 120 VAC and just has a USB (type-A)female connector on it. This USB connector provides 5 VDC to charge devices. If the car just has such a USB port (or a few of them) strategically placed, we can charge all of our devices with them. Even if you need an adapter from USB to 'mini USB', it would be slicker than plugging in an AC charger. Just don't try plugging in your hair dryer or coffee maker...

I'd like to see blind spot cameras on every Model S off the line, as per the Model X dashboard feature. (EdG)

It has been said that the Model S will offer some kind of blind spot notification, at least with the Tech Package. It's not mentioned on the Options & Pricing or an the Facts page, though. I'll try to clarify in the aftermath of my Geneva visit and will post here (or in the Geneva thread).

@EdG and @Volker, the blind spot monitoring option is available as part of the Tech package. A Tesla rep at Boston event earlier this month confirmed it.

~ Prash.

The question has become "How is the blind spot monitoring implemented. Is it some indicator or a video feed from external cameras?"

I'm hoping for the cameras à la Model X.

If cameras, I want those displaying next to the speedometer on demand. In preference to displaying on the console screen.

Both is fine too. =)

I've always wanted a periscope on a car. It would only have to be raised at low speeds.

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