Where will your Model S reside?

Tm has this informaton, but I think it would be interesting to develop a snap shot of where Model S' are being sold and will call "home". I'll start:

Signature #84
Vancouver BC

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P # 665 (EU) will reside in Kinrooi, Belgium.

Why is there such a high density of Model S reservations in Belgium & the Netherlands, compared to neighboring Germany and France?

I'm guessing different car taxes. Like Norway vs Finland. EV costs around 30-40% more in Finland than it costs in Norway.

I guess a lot has to do with the tax incentives you get both in Belgium and the Netherlands. France nevertheless has a very interesting incentive as well, so why they don't have more reservations escapes me. Maybe it is just a matter of less members on this forum or less people willing to post their reservation and location.

Perhaps most people in France cannot read English. French IS their mother tongue. TM will also need a French website for Quebec because about 75% of Quebecers do not speak or read English.

S#945 here, Saratoga CA.


As EU HQ, Belgium is rolling in OPM. And the EU 'crats and employees have non-revokable lifetime employment contracts (jk! sort of).

Also, both countries are tiny compared even to the other little EU nations, so range anxiety is a non-issue.

Why is there such a high density of Model S reservations in Belgium & the Netherlands, compared to neighboring Germany and France? (Robert.Boston)

I've been pondering the same thought... I agree that taxes and incentives are a big deal compensating the general skepticism against EVs, and there are practically none in Germany (vehicle tax is waived for 10 years, but the 19% VAT are a real hit at purchase time).

In Germany, there's a considerable fraction of car buyers who don't give a thought about buying any non-German car make, and particularly American cars do not have a lot of a positive reputation over here. Given the choice of renowned German car makes, particularly in the premium segment, this attitude should come as no surprise. If anything, Germans consider French (economical, very comfy, lots of options as standard), Swedish (safety, exclusivity) or Japanese (economical/high-mpg, versatile, reliable) cars. To the average German, the mere fact that the big German players have nothing to offer in the plug-in segment is proof enough that the time is not right for this concept! (Although, the Prius sells pretty darn well, we have a sizable population of lohas here.)

The big German players themselves admittedly have highly sophisticated, very advanced ICEs. It's no wonder they want to milk that technology -- first, they are heavily invested into high-tech engines and sales must pay for R&D. Second, it's an important aspect of their competitive advantage in the global market. Switching to a different technology will render that advantage obsolete. In the end, the shift will take place with or without them, but it is very understandable that they ignore the trend to plug-in as long as possible (whether it will be too late eventually remains to be seen).

And here the argument feeds back into itself: German economic politics are vastly driven by the car manufacturers' lobby (you know, employment and all this stuff). You bet there will be no serious incentives for plug-in until and unless there are German plug-ins available on the market!

Sig 173 - Memphis, TN

Methuen, MA

Sig #964 - Houston, TX (also plotted myself, Robert)

Signature #442 posted previously as St Louis - but to have the pin on your map more correct you could put it in as Town and Country Mo 63131. A suburb of St Louis

@Dwatson; got it, thanks.

P2009 - The Hamptons, NY (Just added to map).

And the map was a great idea! Although I'm surprised not to see more in Long Island, only four of us on there so far.

Signature #43

Montreal (Canada)

A friendly reminder that I'm tracking these graphically here:
Feel free to add yourself to the map. Please use your reservation number (e.g. S73, P1666, S35 (EU)) as the "name".

P664 ,Hillegom(Netherlands), added to map

And yes EV gets incentives in NL(~160% tax deduction), providing you register it with your private business. Along with savings in fuel, maintanance and road tax(none for the coming 3 years) TCO passes the zero mark in about 6-8 years, depending on the options you get.

S118 Atlanta, GA

P6806 in Brookline, MA. (Added to the map)

Welcome to the Boston-area group, Prash!


Chevy Chase, MD (added to map)

S566 in Berkeley, CA (added to map)

@Robert, thanks! In fact, I was at the Brookline Auto Show. I thought I might see you there as you posted in the New England forum if anyone was going to the show.

By the way, when you get your Model S, I would love to take a peek at it while I wait for mine :)

@prash: sorry we didn't meet there. Happy to show off my S anytime; there's a low-numbered SS in Newton (I know the owner), so we'll bug him for rides first!

Montreal, Canada
Production #258 (canada)

@Robert, bugging the Newton Model S owner sounds like a plan :)

Dallas, TX P #8064

P #2855

East Bay, CA

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