Why is there a 16A limit on 5 pole 400V EU connector?

I am getting my EU Model S Sig P85+ delivered on Aug 19 and have already installed a 5-pole 400volt 3-phase 25Amp outlet in my garage (tried to get 32 Amp but that required thicker cable and I could not get into my garage using existing plastic tubes).

I was disappointed to learn today (from my delivery rep) that the 5 pole adapter that comes with the car only allows 16Amp (which gives 11 KwH instead of 17.3 had it been 25A). What is the point of double charges in the car (20 KwH) if the charging cables does not support it ?? The contact itself can handle higher amps so the limit must be the cable!

PS: I know i'm in good shape and can fully recharge my car in less than 8 hours - but still I wonder, is there anyone that can actually use the 20KW option from home?

To get above 16 Amp you will need a Type 2 connection. Tesla do not supply the cable but any standard Type 2 cable should suffice.

The value of the twin charger is mostly for faster AC charging away from home.

If you need to use it at home, get a permanently mounted Type 2 charging station from any source.

Is Tesla not selling a HWPC in Europe?


no they don't - and i don't really know why

HPWC is *to be confirmed* (TBC). It'll come but who knows, maybe not before end of year.

As i recall its an regulation issue, you can charge faster but you will indeed need a type 2 charging station. That station needs to negotiate with your model S to allow higher charge amps. I know there are several charging stations available. Chrom and mennekes/siemens for instance. If you are Dutch Widoh has excellent explanations on the TMC forum.

Does mennekes go up to 20kW?

I think even 43kW.

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