Will heated seats be available on the S ??

Will heated seats be available on the S ??


Almost certainly. The Roadster has heated seats. In fact, the user manual says:

"Using seat heaters to keep warm is more efficient than heating the cabin."

Hopefully in both the front and the back.

As douglas said, I'd imagine they'll be there, especially since its a luxury car meant to compete with cars that I think have heated seats in the standard package. Heated seats sure as hell are a good thing to have in really cold temperatures, and even more so if your car has been parked outside for a while.

Hot cross buns all 'round!

What about cooled seats?

Cooling is much harder, I think. You actually have to circulate liquid or chilled air, not just a few watts of electricity.

The seat cooling in my 2010 Lexus RX is forced air through the is truly a fantastic option which I hope TM incorporates into the Model S

Heated seats are a must, cooled seats, ahh, I don't think I would ever use them even if it was 115 degrees outside... :) I typically run cold myself however so I am never hot enough, always cold!

Actually, it's the reverse. You feel cold when losing heat, so it's you that's too hot!

Basically I have poor circulation so when my extremities get cold, I can't warm them up. I typically hear when I'm cold, "don't touch me, your hands are like ice mittens." During the summer however, my touch is more then welcomed since my hands are still cold then.

Guess what I need is to buy a winter home in the Southern Hemisphere and then I'de be set.... :)

Here's a "me too" for seat cooling! Think of it as the analogue of the heated seats option you like, except for those who live in hotter areas.

I had seat cooling on my 2006 M45 and loved it.

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