Delivery Answers

How much do I owe before I take delivery of my Model S?

Before receiving your Model S, we require that the balance is paid in full either personally or through financing. To help you take delivery as quickly as possible, we provide an itemized breakdown of the final payment on the Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA) per your car’s configuration, including any applicable taxes and fees. If you are financing through a 3rd party institution, the financed amount will be listed here as well. Final payment may be remitted via electronic check (direct debit) in MyTesla, wire transfer, or by check at time of pick-up. If you have specific questions about your final payment, please contact the Delivery Experience team at (888) 771-2505.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my Model S?

Credit cards can only be used for the initial deposit. Acceptable methods of payment for the final amount due include electronic check (direct debit), personal check, certified check, and wire transfer. Acceptable methods of payment may vary with time constraints or delivery method.

How does Tesla process trade-in vehicles?

Tesla has partnered with AutoNation to process trade-ins (not available in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada). Please note that trade-in values are typically lower than those of private party sales. Visit Tesla’s AutoNation Portal for more information and to receive an estimate for your car’s value.

Can I export Model S outside the US or Canada?

Model S is currently only sold and serviced in the US and Canada. If you export your Model S outside of these countries, Tesla will be unable to service your vehicle until it has been brought back to its home market. We strongly recommend that you reserve a Model S in the market where you plan to drive it. European deliveries will begin in summer 2013, and in other regions starting in 2014.

How do I apply for Tesla Financing?

Tesla offers an exciting and innovative new financing program for Model S that combines the benefits of both leasing and ownership. You can read more about this option on our Financing page. Tesla Financing is not available in all states. Apply online in My Tesla.

Frequently Asked Delivery Questions

I just designed my Model S and submitted my order. What are the next steps?

There is a two-week window between when you place your order and when we submit it to our factory, during which time you may make changes to your car’s design. Shortly after your order is sent to the factory, you will receive an invitation to access My Tesla, where you will be able to view the estimated delivery window and select your preferred delivery location. A Delivery Specialist will be in touch shortly thereafter to guide you through payment, document signing and delivery logistics.

When will my car begin production?

Once you design your Model S and place your order, there is a two-week window between order placement and when we submit the order to our production team to begin procuring parts for your specifications.

When will I receive my car’s VIN?

Approximately 4-5 weeks in advance of delivery, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is assigned and listed in My Tesla. A VIN is often required for insurance and financing applications.

How do I pick up my Model S?

Deliveries take place at your nearest service center, where a Delivery Specialist will walk you through your car’s features. Prior to delivery, our expert staff performs a pre-delivery inspection and verifies that your car is fully charged for your journey. We also have walkthrough videos online should you need a refresher on your car’s features.

My delivery date is approaching. How will I know when my car gets here?

Once your car has been delivered to the nearest service center and the inspection is complete, your local Delivery Specialist will contact you to confirm your appointment or shipment of the vehicle to your home.

Can I avoid the destination fee if I pick up Model S at the factory or a service center?

The destination fee is the same for all US and Canadian cars, regardless of delivery method.

I've placed my order, but I don't want to wait two weeks before my order is submitted to the factory. Can I waive this waiting period?

Yes, we can expedite your order submission to the factory once you’ve submitted your order payment. Please call us at (888) 771-2505, then press 1.

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