Tesla Unveils Model X

Tesla Motors unveiled its latest one-of-a-kind vehicle last night: the highly anticipated Model X. Blending the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan, Model X features unique Falcon Wing rear doors and optional Dual Motor All-Wheel drive. Watch Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk host the Model X unveiling.


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I'm sorry. You cannot fill your car with this much seating capacity and huge amount of luggage space and do what any normal group of 3-4 human beings would need to do traveling "500 miles" in 2-min and then drive 500 miles without stopping. I call BS on that one... You're just a boob. And if you do pee in mason jars and have spare gasoline bladders taped to your roof, then this car isn't marketed to you, it's for normal people. Go be bitter and mad on Facebook, that's what it's for.


"no family of 6 kids can afford this" says the guy who doesn't know the darn thing is sold out until 2016.

Buy a Chrysler T&C top of the line for $40,000 (they sell a buttload of those). Then pay for Gas at $3.50 a gallon sucking down at 17MPG for 8 years. If you drive about 1,000 miles per month, you're talking about an additional $20,000 in gas. And then when you sell it, you're only selling the car, not the gas. With the Tesla, you're selling the depreciated value of the car, not the consumables. That means, if 30% of the cost of your minivan just gets burned up in the engine, even if the Tesla depreciates at the same rate, you sell the TOTAL COST on the back end, where as with a minivan, you just lose the money you pay on gas.

With supercharges ubiquitous (even assuming the 2015 projections won't really happen until 2016 when the MX is actually available) and FREE, I'm not saying it will be cheaper than owning a minivan, but it certainly will be close and not outrageous as many people seem to think it is.

25% of the households in America make $85k or better. They can well afford to pay $1,200 a month for a car like this.


Good night nurse! "Uh, yea, just design a supercar that will fly and print money and sell it for Free and then you'll really move a lot of cars..."

Musk is building a car company and changing the car industry. Listen to what the man says.

First he raised credibility and capital by building the roadster. Then the model S (it's designed to be "expensive" as Musk says) to prove that a true production car can be done.


Demand is not an issue what so ever. It is not over priced, not at all. Did you not have to take Economics at your community college?

Then Musk is answering the demand for a minivan/crossover type car, and the Model X hits it right on the nose.

Next will be the Model 3 which will start at about $40,000 and Musk will sell hundreds of thousands of these (if he can build them fast enough) each year.

So, let's be real clear about this. When you have to get on a wait-list to order your car in the future... demand is not your problem.

You people are seriously out of your depth. I'm surprised you're allowed to feed yourselves.