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A 10 Year old's Bid to Save For A Tesla

Our friend's 10 year old son is so enamored with Model S that he sent this flyer to all the neighbors for jobs he can do to save up for a Tesla -

Hi, I’m Desmond Pare. I live in your neighborhood and I’m trying to earn some money so I thought I should get a job. I thought that if I got a job I could save my money and buy a Tesla (an electric sports car.) So I thought why not start saving now? Here’s a list of what I can do for you at an affordable price:
-Organizing things in your home is $10 an hour
-Vacuuming is $15
-Watering your garden is $10
-Putting your garbage cans out is $2 total -Cleaning your garage is $10 an hour -Cleaning your kitchen is $6 an hour
If you are interested please call (edited). I’m open on weekends.

By the time he can legally drive, and if he works every non-school hour evenings and weekends he should be good to go!

Next teach him how to buy Tesla stock and by the time he is 16 he may have enough to buy several Teslas.

Eager beaver, that one. He keeps it up, he'll be the next Elon Musk :)

No, Elon would just build a robot to do all the menial labor.

Wow. His parents should be proud that this young kid willing to "do" the work rather than just "wishing" to get things.

~ Prash.

My son sold Pokemon cards on eBay this summer so we could afford an upgrade to a performance. $63 worth. Good life lesson. Waiting for Tesla's 99.4% off sale for the performance. Day after Thanksgiving, right?


Union rules....

He must really hate vacuuming.

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