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12V battery question

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere.

Does the main battery pack keep the 12V battery charged for as long as there is power in the main pack?

I'm planning to install at least one dashboard camera into my Model S. In "normal" cars there is always the risk that the 12V battery will be drained if the camera runs continuously and draws current for an extended period (days) when the engine isn't running. It is possible to use a device like this to avoid the problem, but on the Model S does the problem essentially go away?

Actually, that emergency responder training video shared some interesting details about the 12V electric system.

The 12V is responsible for maintaining the relays that enable or disable the high voltage battery circuit. If the 12V cables are cut, the relay is stuck in an open state preventing any of the high voltage batter power from going into the system.

Rescuers are trained to look for this type of disconnect on a hybrid or electric vehicle and cut it before they attempt to extricate someone.

My 12V battery says it's dead, and the car cannot be driven, it won't even turn on or go into gear. I have only had the car since January, have only a little over 1300 miles on it, and I am deeply disappointed in Tesla's response. It's Memorial Day weekend, and they can't send a flat bed tow truck out to get it until Tuesday. The only good thing is that it's in my garage at home. I shudder to think what would happen had this occurred while I was out on the road, parked in a parking lot, and suddenly found myself stranded.

Why, when the car is plugged in every night does the 12V battery not also charge? Why did the 12V battery fail after only 5 months of use? Why does the 12V battery not charge when the car is being driven?

Nick, I unplugged the car, since you say it won't charge the main battery if the 12V battery is dead, so I guess I am, as you say, SOL.

You might be able to call Roadside Assistance and get them to take it to a Service Center, but they probably still won't get it back to you until Tuesday.

If you guys watch the safety video Tesla did for first responders to an accident involving the Model S it talks in depth about why there is a 12v battery and how to disconnect it should you be bold enough to attempt it.

WARNING the above video includes violent acts of fire fighters destroying a beautiful Model S you have been warned.

and By disconnect i mean cut the wires. This video is also great to watch because the guys doing it talk in depth about how the electrical drive train works

I believe it's possible to piggy-back a good 12V by connecting to the "posts" behind the nose cone.

There was a supplier issue with a batch; I expect you got one of those.

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