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I have a P85 and I used to get 242 miles after a standard charge. Now after the 4.5 (1.33.44) update if I slide the scale to the indentation where "Daily" ends and "Trip" starts I only get 212 miles of charge. I understand that charging up to the indentation between where Daily ends and Trip starts is same as the previous "Standard" charge. I do not have any percentage indication unlike some folks who have been posting about the 4.5 update. I just returned from the San Rafael service department and Matt there had no idea about this. I then called Tesla directly and the lady who answered could not help me. So, who are we supposed to turn to for these ongoing problems. It seems like every update is a step forward and two back. I had a problem with 4.4 update too and my car was sitting in the San Rafael service department for a week while I was driving an Enterprise rental. So far I have had to take my car into Fremont and San Rafael service departments 6 different times for various issues since we took delivery last November. They were able to fix most of the problems but many updates to the car remain unresolved and now with every over the air update new issues crop up. I know posting on these threads about any problems brings the wrath of TSLA stockholders and EV fanatics who are going to point to ICE cars with problems. On the other hand I for one have never had so many problems with any make of car let alone one costing over a hundred grand. Elon wants the owners of present Model S to be goodwill ambassadors for Tesla and sell these Teslas to our friends and neighbors but on the other hand he has admitted that "service is not up to par". They need to do something soon or once the word starts spreading about the unreliability and poor service at Tesla, it will cause irreparable damage to the brand in the long run. I know many are going to jump up and say that they have not had any issues or problems but there are many of us who have. Tesla needs to be more responsive to those of us who have problems with their cars.

RedShift | JUNE 12, 2013
Mine dropped from 190 std to 184 std after 4.5 update. So, I range charged for a road trip last weekend, lo and behold , max was 210, unchanged from before. (I have a 60)

Nvjx, I'd stop worrying and wait for 4.5 rerelease. (When is that coming out....)

RedShift, 4.5 has been out for a while and from what I have read on various threads this is the version causing all kinds of problems for folks - from fan noise behind the 17'' screen, different settings for Drive and Park etc on Display screen to lower Rated miles like mine. I had 240-242 Rated miles on the old Standard charge until the 4.5 update came along and now I have 212 on the last indent of the new Daily setting. The Tesla techs had me do a max Trip charge and my P85 showed a Rated range of 260 - a drop of 7 miles from previous 267 so there is nothing wrong with the battery. It is the new software 4.5 which is showing a totally different readings than before. They told me 4.5 was causing problems and they were working on a new update!

@nvjx: Sorry to hear you are having problems with 4.5.

As another data point, I also have version 4.5 (1.33.44) that came pre-installed with my car (12 days ago), and I don't have any of problems mentioned here.

I wonder if the pre-installed version behaves differently than the 4.5 update.

Much of this confusion might be avoided if they displayed the battery % charge (or remaining kWh) in addition to the rated range on the dashboard. Then you would have seen the 90% drop to 80% after the 4.5 upgrade, and you would have realized that it was just set to charge 10% less. You would have immediately and intuitively understood what was going on without creating this thread.

I agree Tesla needs to have a documentation team and post the freaking documentation about these updates, rather than let us all wonder and figure it out together.

Also, I'm surprised to hear about the other crappy loaner cars. I thought they were going to give everybody lease teslas as loaners if their cars are in the shop.

Also, sorry to hear about all the maintenance issues... As a stockholder who bought at 95, that makes me nervous.

What I've noticed is that if I'm out at the car right around when it finishes charging, it's showing 241-242 rated range. But when I get to the car hours later, the charge level has dropped into the 230s.

There are a number of improvements that should be provided by Tesla for this feature:

They should make it clear the recommended charging strategy. The original recommendation was to use max charge infrequently, and to charge to standard almost all of the time, leaving the car plugged in when possible. Hopefully the new policy is to charge anywhere within the 50-90% range, leaving the car plugged in whenever possible, and to charge above 100% infrequently.

They should display the % and rated range, plus provide a way to easily set the charge limit to a specific % or rated range.

They should have a button on whether the change is for all charges, only for that location, for a specific time period, or for only the current charge.

Assuming that charging 50-90% is safe for the battery, then this feature seems more oriented to controlling how much electricity is being used for charging - to limit costs when charging at locations or during times or at for-pay stations. If you're paying more for the charging - then limiting the re-charge only to what you need is a really good feature.

Tesla - please help us out - and explain why this feature has been added...

I have 4.5 and have received updates. No problems at all. Percentage of charge shows if you click on the little battery on the touch screen. It shows all you need to know: you can set the charge limit, rate of charge (amps) and the time of charging. Even shows on the smartphone app. What is the problem again? There are ideal vs rated miles, you can choose 100 vs 90 vs 80% or less charge. Its all in your hands. If you need to get a full charge set to full charge or put in Range Mode. If you are not going more than 200 miles, why worry about it? Charging to 80 or 90% helps preserve battery life. There is nothing mysterious here, very straightforward.

@imherkimer....good idea, set the charging to 80% Max as a default. When traveling long distance set it to 90 or 100% charge...full or near full charge will be needed probably only 10% of the time for most people...

Since you'd have to store the battery for months at 100% to harm it, your concerns are misplaced and pointless.

@Brian H....why charge it 100% when u rarely need 100% charge?? I think ur assertion is unwise.....

Brian is giving instructions for harming your battery.

Nope. Read

Rule #1 – Use Range Mode
Never, ever hestitate to use Range Mode. Ever.
Yes, there is a warning on the touchscreen about battery lifetime, but IMHO that warning is overstated. Tesla doesn’t want you leaving the car in Range mode for months at a time, because that will slightly increase the rate of degradation of the battery pack. We’re talking months here, not hours!
A few hours at 100% charge has NO measurable impact on battery pack lifetime, and may actually improve battery pack balance.

I did an experiment with charging using the slider in 4.5 on my 85KwHr car. The slider has a number of marks so I charged several times moving the slider to different marks.

Full (all way to right) = 265 miles
Next mark = 231
Next mark = 198
Next mark = 171
Next mark = 145

Now I can decide how far I am going to drive and set it accordingly.

@ Brian H - the advice you shared is not coming from Tesla Motors or any of their employees. You are linking and quoting someone's opinion at I will take my advice on the battery from Tesla, thank you very much.


My P85 charges up to around 230-240, just the same as it did before 4.5. And I haven't had any problems with the 4.5 release. Also, just to be clear, when I set it to 100%, I get the expected 265-270. The actual point at which the charge stops varies a few percent each time, but that is to be expected with standard measurement uncertainty.

This thread has been enormously useful to me. The management processor in my 2013 MS must have just now gotten the "memo" (SW update) because I've had 4.5 now for a few weeks and just this weekend noticed my charge (complete) drop from ~235 to 210, and I was charging it daily and has never moved the slider (8 weeks old, 1200 miles now). Then again I woke up that morning and found all the windows down as well. Spooky. So - why does the number "300 miles range" stick in my head? All sliders aside, the default setting used to be 80%, and I was originally getting ~235-240 miles full stop. Good to go. Now it's 210. Have the Teslonians decided to artificially constrain the "full" charge to a newly rated 265 miles, or was it always so?

It's always been 265 to 270 at 100% charge if you put your display mode on 'Rated'. If you put it on 'Ideal' it is 300.

A 80% charge is indeed 210, but that's not the "default" setting. The default setting from the factory is 90%, which gives you 233 rated.

Maybe you bumped the setting from 90% to 80%?

The default changed, but you can set it to your preference now.

Yes - I may have previously been in "Ideal" mode, now rated. That explains it. But Brian may also be correct here as yesterday I did move the slider to "90%" for the first time (I know of) and now I'm getting 233, as you've stated.

So - looking through the earlier history on this thread, is the battery life "better preserved" long term if we set the slider to ~70% now for daily use (vs. 90%), or does it matter?

Thank you both for enlightening me on this!

300 miles is the original EPA 2-cycle (city/hwy) test result. The 265 is the 5-cycle result. The slider simply allows you to set the default %.

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