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Announcement tomorrow 4/26

"@elonmusk Announcement of new @TeslaMotors strategy tomorrow. Tesla owners will like this."

Thanks! That's pretty sweet!

@sidsang - I am with you, too. I am reading this as the service plan is not required for warranty, but they still recommend you buy to have your car inspected/serviced annually or every 12500 miles.

I don't think a service plan was ever required, you could still just take it in annually any pay the $600 or whatever it is each year. I think what he's saying is you don't have to get annual service at all and the warranty is not affected.

@velo1 - Thanks....just curious what would they service....there are hardly any moving parts that require servicing....the only things i can think of is wiper inserts and brake pads...I dont think it warrants $600/year for this. I am assuming you would still get all software updates irrespective of having a service plan.

"Sign Up for Service" is still appearing in "My Garage". So do we or don't we need to purchase a service plan?

In regards to the "loaner" announcement, if Tesla really wants to take customer service to the next level, the loaner car should have all of the user profile settings uploaded (drive settings, seat and mirror positions, homelink settings, radio favorites, etc.). I assume it is possible to download all of these settings from the customers car and upload them to a loaner so the customers get a car that is already adjusted the way they like it. I think this feature would make Lexus squirm.

Also, any HOV/Carpool/Alternative fuel lane stickers appropriate for the area should already be on the loaners.

I am available for beta testing:)
My Model S goes in for service next week.

The change is good to eliminate a very frustrating requirement of yearly service to keep the warranty active. The pre-paid plan would appear to now be insurance against future cost increases and help keep the Model S in top condition by getting service as needed rather than driving the vehicle until something fails.

Here is where it gets interesting. Battery cooling fluid levels cannot be checked by the user. If those levels are not checked yearly, does that affect the operation? Will the sensors announce the need for service and force the customer into the service bay at least once a year? It will be interesting to read the driver's experiences in the future. What an exciting time to be driving Model S.


So Elon is saying "nothing really needs servicing, except maybe wheel alignment" and so you don't need a service to maintain warranty. V. Cool.

So why would anyone pay a $600 plan? As insurance? Insurance against what?

Anyone got any smart ideas about why it is still worthwhile paying the $600 or the four year pre-pay?

He said there were other reasons for wanting the service plan: things that will make the car better... As if having the service plan would pay for some upgrades.

Im wondering if the replacement includes a specific degradation rate... meaning, if the MS only holds 70% charge after four years, will this be a candidate for replacement? And if so, you will get a newly reconditioned battery that now gets 100% charge. Like new car in that respect. That would be fantastic for resale value and longevity of ownership.

Would love to know what the warranty covers in terms of expected and unexpected battery life issues...

Read the Blog. There is a link to the waranty document.

Normal degradation of the battery is not covered...

@nickjhowe According ot the blog post, it is for "things like tire alignment, to address a few things here & there and perform any hardware upgrades." Im not sure what the few things here and there mean, but doesn't seem there is much value to getting the service pplan. Going once every couple of years or whenever you decide to seems like it would save you a considerable amount of money over the long term. Makes much more sense with the notion that an electric car is sessentially maintenance free.

Wonder if the service plan might entitle one to 3G->4G upgrades or something like that?

3 months max loaners = used Model S on the market soon <3

Jolanda -- I've read the warranty and it doesn't state what the normal rate of battery charge loss is.

It doesn't give any loss percentages over time. How does anyone know what to expect? If I bring an MS in with 65% range after two years, will they say that's "normal." MS owner will have a valid complaint if they say yes since the warranty does not specify.

The Warranty Document has this clause below which will void the warranty if scheduled maintenace is not performed....this to me implies that you will have to buy the Maintenace Plan else your Warranty will be void, of couse you can have the car service somewhere else but in this case who else would service Model S? Still not clear what Elon means by getting the maintenance plan as optional

Voided warranty
You are responsible for the proper operation and regular maintenance of the vehicle and for
receiving and maintaining detailed and accurate records of your vehicle’s maintenance, including
the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (“VIN”), servicing center name and address, mileage, date
of service or maintenance and description of service or maintenance items, which should be
transferred to each subsequent purchaser. You may void this New Vehicle Limited Warranty if you
do not follow the specific instructions and recommendations regarding the use, operation, and
maintenance of the vehicle provided in your Model S owner documentation, including, but not
limited to:
• Complying with any recall advisories;
• Carrying passengers and cargo within specified load limits;
• Observing scheduled inspections and making all services and repairs; and
• Performing all vehicle maintenance and service requirements, including those indicated by the
vehicle’s systems

It doesn't say the warranty WILL be void if you don't perform the maintenance. It say the warranty MAY be void. In practice, this means they can refuse to cover any problem that could have been avoided through proper inspection and maintenance. In that sense, I don't think anything has changed. It is still a good idea to have the car inspected and maintained. Whether that is worth $600 per year is another question

How can Tesla identify intentional error from unintentional error? My concern is the oil cartel (and I hate to even post this *idea*) could 1) buy a bunch of Teslas (all by individual bribed buyers)
2) let the batteries die
3) make news about 'bad Tesla'
4) cost Tesla bazillions in replacing batteries
5) sell used Teslas (with replaced batteries)
6) repeat

Maybe I shouldn't even post such a dastardly idea.

It is not mandatory, but it still may be cheaper than pay-as-you-go. Roll the dice.

@logicalthinker, More the better. Tesla is shooting for 25% margin which should be more than enough to cover the batteries.

more nonsense. 25% of $80K is $20K, which will certainly not cover someone deliberately killing batteries.

Look at the way the company operates. Isn't it more likely than not that Tesla will provide either hardware or software in the future to those that purchase the service plan(s)? It may even be for no other reason than to assure service plan buyers of the value and wisdom of their decision to purchase. All others of course can have the new gadget/ card please?

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