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Anyone else waiting on crash test results before submitting order?

Safety is number one priority for us so the rating needs to be acceptable before we move past reservation.

Not really. I accept TM's word they have a 5-star rating from Insurance Institute...

Safety is a priority for me, too, but you can suffer paralysis by analysis in this case.

If you buy any car other than the Model S, you will be less safe.

I'm confident the test result facts will bear this out.

For more on this, see "Safety: Why I bought My Wife a Model S".

Use to find it.

I've saw how the car was designed and need no more. I've had a lot of different race cars and am very familiar with crumple zones, both good and bad. Tesla did a fantastic job with the front of the car which leads me to believe they put the same energy (absorption) into the side and rear impact zones.

Oh brother - this is such a non-issue. Why on earth raise this? It is all regulated from A to Z.
Another troll poisoning the forum?

LOL, no just a reservation holder. So anything that might be construed as negative in the slightest must be posted by a troll?

My wife is particularly concerned about safety too and is a child passenger safety tech. She was satisfied with the testing Tesla did, the specs and construction of the car and we moved forward with no qualms.

speaking of safety, is there any word on when the NHTSA or IIHS will publish their testing data?

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