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Charging near Disneyland

Hi everyone,

I'm expecting my Model S (85) in Feb/March, and I was hoping to make my first long distance (relatively speaking) trip from San Francisco Bay area down to Disneyland for my 2.5 year old sometime after I get my car.

I've done some research on chargepoint and recargo, and haven't found too many places to charge around that area. Hilton and Conventions center were only 2 places and they charg $16/$24 for parking--charging free. The hotel I plan to stay (Candy cane Inn) doesn't have any way to charge my car overnight.

Has anyone been to Disneyland with Model S yet? and if so, any suggestions on charging? I don't need much...just enough to get to the supercharging station once we're done.

Also, is there a supercharging station on the way to San Diego?


FYI: the 110 volt outlets in the Mickey & Friends parking structure are located on all levels next to the various stairwells. We use these to charge our Leaf when we go there (Model S is still on the way). You sometimes need to move some cones and ignore the parking attendants to park near the stairwells.

We just got back from Disneyland with our Model S - we started in Morgan Hill where we live (10 miles or so N of Gilroy supercharger). We left on a Wed and didn't see ANY other Model S's at the Harris Ranch & Dennis McCarthy Chargers. At Disney - we used the Mickey & Friend's lot the first day. The attendant actually came up to me asking if I liked my Tesla and I said YES of course and asked him if I could park on the North Wall. He gave me a spiel of how Disney wasn't responsible for any damage done and how they couldn't guarantee charge... but moved cones and blocked traffic so I could back into the spot and plug into the wall to trickle charge. Unfortunately, the next two days at Disney the lot that was available was the Simba lot which is outdoor/no wall outlets. I was fine for the rest of the trip since our hotel was just 2 miles away. On the way home, just stopped at the Hawthorne charger (~35 miles away from Disney) and it worked out just fine. Had enough "extra" charge to have fun accelerating over the grapevine. We drove home sunday morning/early afternoon and only saw one S during the whole trip (at Harris Ranch). Fun times!!

We drove from Morgan Hill to disneyland with stops at Harris Ranch (1 hour) and Tejon (40 minutes) with 104 miles left on the rated range. Drove as fast as i could without getting a ticket and using AC.

Just finishing our stay at the Grand Californian Hotel. Was disappointed to learn that after several calls to reservations assuring me fast charging was available that the charging status at the hotel is limited to a 110v 15 amp outlet. Fortunately didn't need to leave until departure. It too 3 days of continuos charging at 3 miles/ hr at 12amps to get full charge of 261 miles rated range. If I do this again will consider visiting Hawthorn supercharger during trip to allow side trips to visit family or Universal Studios.

You may want to consider going to the tesla store in fashion island in Newport. It is only 15-30 minutes or so away, has nice shopping and restaurants and tesla has two hpwc there.

Thanks for the suggestion. I only have a single charger in my 85kWh MS. The HPWC would only give me max 31mile/hr where the super charger is >114m/hr.

I would agree with jasonsc's suggestion. Fashion Island, Newport Beach has an actual Tesla showroom and a charger (don't know if it is a super-charger) on the basement level of one of the parking structures. From Disneyland to Fashion Island could be quite short (distance is much shorter than from Hawthorn), just depends upon traffic. I think you just have to tell the people in the showroom that you've hooked up to a wall unit and your'e set.

The Best Western at 1630 S. Harbor blvd. has a 120v outlet directly behind the very last parking space at the end of the building. It's in font of room 133. I'm plugged in here now and should be fully charged when we leave here in two days. The front desk said there were no outlets available, but we found this one. This hotel is directly across from the Disneyland main gate, and it's relatively low price will help offset the 100 grand I dropped on the car. I'll stay at the Grand Californian next time!


Anyone have updated info on parking at Disneyland and charging their model S? I'd like to be able to park in one of the parking lots or structures at the actual park or at Downtown Disney, does anyone know if there's a charger?

I've read that you can get access to a 110 volt plug in the Mikey structure if you're lucky but I was hoping for real charging stations. Any info would be great!

PlugShare is pretty current. There is nothing showing for L2 charging at the park itself.

At the Chargepoint booth at CES today I was told they are putting in Chargepoint stations in the Mickey & Friends structure! No exact date.

Charging stations at Disnyland are now open! Check Plugshare for more info.

3 miles from Disneyland is an "outlet" center. Next to the Dave and Busters there is free J1772 charging, two I believe. Kids love Dave and Busters for food and arcade. There are movies and a lot of shopping. 100 yards away is a Double Tree Hotel if you don't care about staying right next to Disneyland.
There is always the lovely upscale Fashion Island for charging at the Tesla showroom, but best served with little ones at The Outlets near Disneyland.
San Juan Capistrano supercharger may be up and running by the time you arrive so getting to San Diego should be no problem. Have a great trip.

Not sure if this is a viable option, but some apartment/condo places nearby have basic charging stations in their garage (from what I remember - haven't visited there in a couple years). Check out some near Angels stadium at Katella Ave and State College Blvd. It would be a 20 min walk back to Disney, or a quick cab ride, or a 10 min $2.40 bus ride.

While you are in the area, check out Cali Tacos on W. Chapman Ave. Little hole-in-the-wall with great food. The center of Orange also has some great places to eat and hang out. Take the kids to 'Bruxie' in Orange - they can get anything from salmon and cucumber (and other breakfast items) to ice cream and candy put on a big Belgian waffle with amazing toppings.

Have fun! Cheers!

Good News. As of February 1, 2014, Disneyland has 20 Chargepoint charger available in the Disney and Friends Parking structure, first level.
In addition, there are 10 other chargers available elsewhere on the Disney property.

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