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Delivery Countdown

The folks at Tesla have no idea where the Model S production schedule is at any time and I'm wondering if those of us who are waiting for deliveries can start our own count down. All we have to do is get people who take delivery post their order # and date of delivery. I'm # 5603 and have been told to expect delivery in December, but am not sure what to expect. Anybody out there willing to post their number and date of delivery, so that we can keep track?

Alcohol is a solution. (the chemist)

(I prefer punch lines that don't need a smiley to be funny.)

My punch line didn't have one?! Well, funny or not?

Well, I had to grin even though I did not want to (I'm married). I tried to come up with a return that I hoped would fit nicely. How did you like that?

Yes, that is the universal equalizer. I've been to Munich during Oktoberfest (but it was in late September), and I think everyone in the biergarten would have laughed at any of my jokes.

I picked up a 535i at the BMW Welt and drove to Innsbruck. Had some problems with the same-road-has-different-names-in-different-parts-of-town thing, and the four-way-intersections-with-no-stop-signs-or-lights-in-either-direction thing! Not to mention the stay-in-the-left-lane-for-two seconds-too long-gets the angry look thing. But I had a great time and it was a great car. Too bad they don't have European delivery of a Model S for us westerners, and vice versa!

Now try the joke on your wife. Generally the woman is the one that really likes it, but it seems to be linearly related to how long you've been married.

I think I just stumbled into the "Test--Please ignore" thread...

@Michael S - Sorry, you're right.

@Michael S,

You don't understand. We were just pointing out that people in these forums don't appreciate a lot of extraneous, off-topic posts and redundant threads.

@Getting Amped Soon,

It was almost 50 years ago that I spent a year in Munich with a new Triumph Spitfire. The car cost me $1400 when I picked it up in Manchester, England, and I sold it in California for $2300 after putting on many many miles. Those were the days!

The "Test--Please Ignore" thread serves a very important purpose.
It keeps me from going crazy while waiting for that e-mail or phone call. It helps me blow off some steam and it is fun tickling people's brains.

Hopefully you'll only have to put up with me for a few more days... long days...very long days...

Seems you wore out the Spit slower than the rate of classic car inflation. Probl'y if you compared in 50-year-earlier dollars, you didn't even near break even, though.

Brian H,

Nah, in those days there was a significant discount for buying a "foreign" car in the country of origin. The new Spitfire that cost $1400 for me to buy in England (I may have been spared some local taxes, etc.) was selling for maybe $3000 in the U.S. I could pay for the shipping, sell the car used in the U.S., and still make money. More expensive cars had an even greater cost difference. People used to pick up their Mercedes in Germany, and with the cost difference, pay for their whole vacation, shipping the car, and use of the car while traveling.

Of course, in those days I could get a nice hotel room overlooking the Black Sea in Bulgaria for about 80 cents a night. My dorm room in Munich cost me $30 a month (can't remember if that included food)!

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