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Electronics Issues this morning w my Model S

I left my Model S on the street overnight last night on the dead end street where I live w about 200 miles of charge (though I know folks are told to leave their cars plugged in whenever possible). The temperature dipped down to about 43 degrees.

This morning I hopped into the car to run to a favorite coffee shop and immediately could see bunches of little issues with the computer system:
1) When putting the car in reverse, the rear camera would not automatically show on the display
2) I could not tune to any FM radio station (or get any audio to come from it whether in HD radio or not)
3) Blue tooth streaming of audio played with excessive choppiness if at all
4) No SFX on turn blinkers or hazard lights
5) My location on Google Maps could not keep up with my true location w/o being stopped and pressing to center the location of my car in the middle of the map
6) Unable to adjust the air suspension (it is greyed regardless of being in park or not, with brakes supressed or not).

I turned the power to the car completely off and back on again and cycled through the problems listed above that still persisted. I returned home and parked the car in the garage and plugged it in to my 240V plug there.

I hope the problems disappear when I check the car later on today -- but I'm a bit concerned.

Has anyone else experiences any issues like this or have any information about diagnosis or treatment before I call up Tesla (or anyone from Tesla reading this and know anything?).


This is not a 4.1 problem since I'm running 4.0 and I had the same issue last night.

1. No audio sounds
2. No reverse camera when putting the car in reverse
3. When charging, the charging screen on the 17" console would not update, only the dash would update.
4. Some buttons that should not be greyed out, were.

I rebooted both the 17" screen and the dash display. Everything seemed to be working correctly thereafter.

Max M.

I also had the exact same problems yesterday after the car had been plugged in and fully charged:

1) No audio on FM/AM radio (internet radio worked but was breaking up).
2) Reverse camera did not come on automatically.
3) No audio on turn signals.
4) Suspension and Traction Control buttons were disabled when they shouldn't (in Park at a standstill with all doors closed).

Tried the Turn Off Car command via the console which didn't do anything. Left the car parked without being plugged in for about 3 hours, came back and everything was back to normal.


Reminds me of Microsoft ME or Vista. Let's hope for XP or Win 7.

My issues of the day were:
1) Auto headlights on in bright daylight
2) Regen buttons greyed out (but regen clearly working)

I shut off the headlights manually & will check again tomorrow.

The only annoyance I have encountered thus far is a buggy charge port door. Sometimes the indicator flashes in the dash display that the charge port is open, when it's actually closed. Also, there have been a couple of instances when I park the car and press the button on the charging cable to open the charge port and nothing happens. One time that happened I was able to open the charge port from the touch panel control screen. The second time it happened, nothing would open the charge port until I did a "ctrl-alt-del" reboot. I'm not sure if I should call Tesla to report it as a problem or wait until warmer weather to see if the problem just goes away. Since a reboot seems to make it better, I tend to blame software more than hardware.. but who knows?

oh gosh, this is starting to remind me of an old joke...

See #3 and #9.

My car is running v4.0 and I have experienced the following minor bugs:

1. Auto headlights remain on in bright daylight
2. Bluetooth music stopping intermittently when playing from iPhone 5 (requiring me to re-press play button)
3. Navigation destination off by a few blocks when inputting my work address in northwest LA
4. XM radio cannot be activated (most likely an antenna issue)

Initially I could not save web browser bookmark favorites nor store navigation address history, however this was resolved after I rebooted the 17" screen. Nevertheless, I am generally pleased with the electronics/performance of the car and expected a few minor bugs as an early adopter.

@GLarwill: That's hilarious! The car is so fun to drive, I'm sure many people will just accept the fact that they will need to reboot their cars from time to time. Personally, I would kill to have my car's display "PC LOAD LETTER" just once when I get in to drive. :)

PC LOAD LETTER? What the #%^* does that mean? ;)


got a chuckle, it is funny that #12 is now true for most new ICE cars


I had to do reset also two days ago twice as my signals stopped working and rear camera stopped mornig. But today morning something new happened the moment i sat in the car and it gave me warning to contact tesla and some errors quickly showed up on odometer that 12v low battery and i had 198 miles left in the car and everything went blank and doors were opening. Called tesla service and they said service engineer will contact me once they open up at 9am pst. Luckily i still had my lease car which i am returning in feb so jumped in that car and dropped my kids to school and now i am waiting for their call what happened as they said they will have data before car went to sleep. I will update you guys what will be the outcome.

I had multiple issues, similar to this. I will detail them as much as I can remember.

Problem 1:
On 31st, I drove around for a while in the morning, came back home in the afternoon, plugged in to get ready to go for a party that night. At around 7pm, I unplugged (car almost fully charged), and got in the car getting ready to go on the road. The climate system started blowing cold air, and being in Bay Area, I thought that was odd. I looked at the dash and it reports that the temperature was 85 degrees (the temperature outside is around mid forties). The climate system temperaturs was set at HI. The temperature started going down slowly while I was still in the car port, but not enough for the heat to kick in. It took about 15-20 minutes of driving for the sensor to report correct outside temperature approximately.

Problem 2:
On 1st, headlights being on during the broad day light. I am not sure where the light sensor is in the car, so I wasn't sure if it is just dirty. Does anyone know where the light sensor is? It seems like there are two different ones, one for the head lights, and one for the internal dash/display.

Problem 3:
On 2nd, I had multiple issues. In the morning, I got in the car, the dash was on, but the 17 display was totally off. I waited for the big T to show up, but nothing. I touched the display, and it came on instantly. I thought, "it booted but it did not turn on, no biggie!" I have the habit of checking for suspension (it needs to be Very High) for me to back out of my car port on to the road over the curb. I saw that the button is greyed out on Standard. Did not know what to do. UI seemed to be fully responsive, except that button was greyed out.

I carefully backed out and started driving. I turned on the blinkers, and no sound. Then I started worrying, and rebooted the 17 inch display. Seemed to have fixed the suspension button problem and blinker sound problem.

In the afternoon, I noticed when I returned to the car, the door handles did not extend. I used the key, then they extended. So, I thought, "no biggie." As I was driving, I noticed that the energy app graph is not being updated both on dash and the display. When I parked and stepped out of the car, I noticed that the dash went off, but the display remained on. I used the key to lock the car, but the big display won't turn off. I got back in the car, rebooted both the dash and the display, everything went back to normal.

My guess is that the boot sequence in the morning had some problem, and therefore, there was an incomplete boot. My rebooting only the display probably fixed some, but broke others. I wish TESLA reports that there were problems during the boot sequence, and give me an option of complete rebooting.

These are way too many problems in 4.1. Hope they have a better way of testing.


The Model S is several computer systems with wheels! Welcome to the technology shift in transportation. I have had some minor issues that all seem to resolve with the reboot sequence so I try that first. If issues persist I call my assigned service center (chicago - I'm in Ohio). They will open engineering tickets for anything they don't have an answer for. I suggest anyone having issues report them to their service center so that Tesla can work on them.

@rlpm: Ha ha! Yes, EXACTLY! :) :)

Interesting updates to this thread since I originally posted it about a week ago (love the PC LOAD LETTER heh).

Since my original post, I have had my car exhibit the same symptoms from the original post in this thread and they manifested themselves after having left the car parked outside overnight. I do wonder if the car just likes to be plugged in or otherwise likes a clean and complete reboot. The most recent time I found that when I rebooted both the dashboard display and the 17" display, everything returned to normal.

Good to collect as many stats on this kinda stuff as possible. Hopefully more and more software updates are all that are required to make the car perform and function better and better (not to mention perhaps have it give itself a clean reboot every day and/or provide a better ctrl-alt-delete).


Called Tesla on Thursday as car won't srart and it was showing alot of errors and tesla sent ampm towing and they took the car. Got a call from Tesla Service center that seems like problem with 12v battery and it needs to be replaced so they said once they replace that battery then they have to program or rewrite the latest firmware ..Called friday 3pm and asked them if i can pick up the car and i was told as i called they got the old battery out and they are putting new one . Got a call at 6pm that they are having issues putting firmware on the car so we won't be able to give you the car today and we will call you on saturday even though service center is closed but there is someone who is working on my car. Waited till 1pm and i called them i was told we will check and get back to you! Someone called me at 3pm and left a message we are so sorry we are really having trouble putting firmware on this car and after that we need to put some miles on the car to make sure it is doing what is suppose. Oh man i hope they can fix this thing its been 3 days plus and all my friends are asking where is your car we want to see and i said the same thing i am also want to know what is going on! I just got the car two weeks ago!

Wow, you guys are scaring me! I'm due to get my S within the next few weeks, and I don't want to have the problems that you're talking about... XP indeed!

Common issues in the morning...temperature independent...

1. 3G signal not working
2. Trip not working
3. 17" not registering a temperature but the dashboard is
4. Turn signal sound off
5. Rear camera not functioning

Model S p85

Although they are annoying, these kind of early release issues with any software-intensive product are not unusual. Over the next quarter, you can expect most of the big ones to be ironed-out.

One thing that can help is for TM to have a crash log that can upload an audit trail of the conditions that lead to the anomaly. Lots of software (like browsers) has this, and we use this technique all the time on our products. It makes reproducing the failure very easy which greatly simplifies debugging. With the 3G link, your car can report all the details of a failure automatically without you doing anything.

Maybe TM already has this, but if not, it will really help organize the bug reports and speed up the corrections. It also can detect subtle problems (that users may not even notice or report) before they become visible enough to affect operation. In essence, TM can know exactly what happened while sparing you the hassle of providing a detailed description.

Majgill - really sucks to have down time when you're all excited about your new toy. It sounds like TM is working overtime to fix it but hasn't found the cause yet. Reminds me of an experience with one of my brand new Mercedes SL 100K sports cars where a central electrical failure killed it. 8 weeks into owning it, I lost my car for a month.

Mercedes stood up and loaned me another one while mine was fixed. If yours goes more than a few days, I think TM should do the same to bolster their reputation and cure the blues from any early glitches.

They are truly on a roll with this intro, and they must manage the refinement and correction process skillfully to protect their customers' satisfaction. Nothing should diminish the extraordinary success they've earned.

No 3G bars after a cold night in the garage. Slacker voice control working so I've got connectivity just no indicator.

"PC LOAD LETTER", right yeah.

reminds me of an error on an early servo-drive showing :
The help-file stated : ERROR 06 - THIS ERROR DOES NOT EXIST.
(Funny how all error messages used to be capitalized)

The manufacterer sended a technician to witness this so-called nonexisting error. And even then they persisted : this is not possible.

Wot, you guys driving LaserJets?

This reminds me of a quote I once read by Bill Gates to GM...

I advice you that one of the owners has to collect the list of all bugs as I collect MUST-HAVE list on a different thread. Maybe TM look on this thread once in a while and start fixing them. I don't have a car yet but looking on the list of problems - I am a little scared.
Lightly - Funny article but close to reality.

1) When putting the car in reverse, the rear camera would not automatically show on the display
2) I could not tune to any FM radio station (or get any audio to come from it whether in HD radio or not)
3) Blue tooth streaming of audio played with excessive choppiness if at all
4) No SFX on turn blinkers or hazard lights
5) My location on Google Maps could not keep up with my true location w/o being stopped and pressing to center the location of my car in the middle of the map
6) Unable to adjust the air suspension (it is greyed regardless of being in park or not, with brakes supressed or not).
7). No 3G bars after a cold night in the garage. Slacker voice control working so I've got connectivity just no indicator.
8). 3G signal not working
9). Trip not working
10). 17" not registering a temperature but the dashboard is
11). Turn signal sound off
12). Rear camera not functioning
13). Headlights being on during the broad day light
14). Backup camera did not display in reverse, radio had no sound and could not manually select channels (XM, FM, AM), and Nav would not stay up with current location
15). Energy meter wasn't updating (the rated range was), and the tip counters and total mileage where not moving either
16). Temperature showed -- instead of digits and the Trunk button was greyed out even in Park mode and the display was in Night Mode although it was bright sunny day outdoor.

When I left my office last Thursday afternoon my Model S had cold-soaked all day outside at 46°. After about 5 minutes of driving an alert came on stating "Battery is heating" and energy use leapt to the top of the display while projected range plummeted to 70 miles, down in heartbeat from 210 a few seconds before.

I took this to mean that the car had switched on a powerful heater within the battery system to warm it quickly to optimum temperature. (It did occur to me at the moment that this ambiguous message might mean the battery was over-heating, i.e., thermal runaway in some of the cells; but I considered this unlikely because of the liquid cooling). After another 5 minutes the warning disappeared and all seemed normal.

The next morning as I drove to my office there was an alert below my speedometer that said "12 volt battery needs service"; so I immediately emailed our Austin Service Manager.  He got back to me right away, and said he'd have Tesla run a remote diagnostic on my car.  In the mean time, he was able to reshuffle his own schedule for the day in order to make time to check my car that afternoon.

When he arrived he wasn't optimistic because the Tesla remote diagnostic had suggested that my main 10wk onboard charger was faulty, and he didn't have a spare.  Hoping against hope that the 12 volt battery might be the culprit, he took the entire frunk area apart in my garage to replace that battery which is buried deep and to the passenger side of that recess in the frunk covered by the cargo net.  Sadly, no dice - replacing the 12v battery didn't fix the problem.  

Kudos to my Service Manager who did his best to solve the problem on the spot.

Now the next step is to have a new 10kw charger FedEx'd from Fremont, not to arrive until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. In the mean time, my brand new $100K car can do nothing more than look pretty in the garage. Sigh!

I must confess that my previously rock-solid confidence in my Model S has been rattled by this unfortunate event.  What if this had happened while I was in Houston, 170 miles from home? Or in the middle of nowhere?  

Why would such an vital piece of solid state electronics crap out with only 400 miles on it?  At this point we don't know if it failed because of some defect within the charger itself; or whether something else in the electrical system is defective and perhaps overloaded the 10kw charger causing it to fail. Could that "Battery is heating" message the night before have anything to do with this?  Can individual modules within the main battery short out, overheat, and thus produce an overload failure in the charger?

It will be quite a while before any of us learn hard details about how Tesla manages 12v and high voltage power because the inner workings of this car are doubtless Tesla's most closely guarded proprietary secrets; yet we can be certain they're burning lot of midnight oil at Tesla as they strive for their ultimate goal of "The Best Car in the World."

I've got my fingers crossed that my replacement charger will solve the problem for good, and that my Model S will now give me at least 50,000 miles of trouble-free driving as I've enjoyed from my Lexus.

"Keepin' the faith."

Twice now, I have found my Model S has rolled down all its windows while charging in my garage. I can't imagine this is by design? What if someone is charging at a public station? And if it has nothing to do with charging, I am really worried I'll find my car with its windows down in a public parking lot.

Also, other weird issues:
1. The other day my screen was displaying an error message in gibberish.
2. The screen was displaying the wrong date and I could not correct it. It eventually self-corrected.
3. The Bluetooth audio streaming is very unreliable. And I put my phone in the cup holder, so I don't think it's my body blocking the signal.

When I walk up to the car (with tech package) the handles extend as expected. When I open the door the windshield wipers make one swipe which is unexpected. Anyone else experience this?

I for one has a very low level of tolerance for issues. Especially so when you're dropping almost 100k on a car!
I am still waiting for my configur button and I am beginning to hope I don't get it too soon now so I can chew on this.

Someone who already has experienced massive amounts of issues should write Elon or GB a direct email to inform them of the issues. They may already know but it doesn't hurt that they also know that large numbers of people are following the forum very closely and possibly making detrimental decisions like canceling their reservation on account of such bad publicity.

I have seen forum threads where emails to GB have received personal responses. Would be nice to hear they are fully aware and are making their utmost efforts to stay on top of issues like these and diligently working on fixes.

I have been following Tesla for months and is a huge fan but they have to show us that they deserve our continued support.


@cerjor, I have noticed this on occasion. I *think* I have determined that it happens if the wipers were left in one of the rain sensing positions. I've noticed that it only seems to happen if it was raining prior to when I parked the car, and the wipers were left in one of the intermittent rain-sensing positions. I have never see it happen when the wipers were actually "off".

Christine, we are still beta testers. These problems and issues will keep coming up for quite some time. I fully expected this. It is a brand new car with tons of new technology. Many of the bugs you are hearing about are difficult to find up front. People do things to their cars that an engineer would never dream of - and therefore could not foresee them.

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