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Elon wants to pay back DOE early... I'd rather they invest in more SuperChargers.

Why pay early. Invest in the company now at it's early growth stage with every penny instead. Get better communication to buyers on delivery. Install SuperChargers earlier. Keep a few bucks in your back pocket for when the world wakes up and realizes that this is the car they want. Fast growth hurts cash-flow just as much as anything can.

I think there is an incentive to pay off early so tesla doesn't have to issues millions of dollars of warrants to the government by the end of the loan repayment schedule...

Like any loan, the faster you pay it back the lower the total cost of repayment. The supercharger are important, but I would pay back the DOE as fast as possible. Besides the financial gain, there is a political and marketing gain too. The money the save will certainly get reinvested in building supercharger, R&D, service centers, etc.

Yep, get the DOE out of your hair and all those complainers who are pissed that the future is being partially funded by a few tax payer dollars. Then the money can be sent to those who scam the SSi system instead, maybe add an entitlement or two.

I agree with Elon. Pay back your loans as soon as possible.

Super Chargers are good PR. Paying the loan early is good PR. Who says they are mutually exclusive?

Maybe Elon is crazy like a fox!

or even better:
Elon: sell some of your SpaceX to the public and pay it forward. Your TSLA holdings would go up enough to cover most of your loss...

Lets get it it out and done, tired of the 1 in 20 or so who point and complain of their money buying my car. No clue about investing in the future, a whole new American manufacturer, yuk. The sooner the better and then we can get back to the 25 billion still lost on the old company.

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