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Experience at Gilroy Supercharging station


I posted this awhile ago but I can't seem to find it. So here goes again.

We stopped at the Gilroy Supercharger station on a Monday mid afternoon. There are four
stations there. Two stations were occupied, one by a blue P85 and one by an unmarked blue model S.
Our charge took about one half hour. The unfortunate thing was that the other two cars had not moved.
Since this is an unattended facility we would hope that the honor system would be enough. Yet these
two drivers decided to use the spots as if they were merely parking places and spend their time leisurely
shopping at the outlet stores.

After I left there were still two stations available so there was really no harm done, but I think people
should be informed that these are not parking spaces. As these cars become more popular I'm afraid conflicts
will arise.

Your thoughts?

Couldn't Tesla add some simple notice plaques at each bay like "Charging only, no parking" or similar - maybe in line of sight for the drivers.

How do you know the other two vehicles weren't range charging? Is range charging not allowed at a Tesla station? That would certainly take longer than 30 minutes.

What is "range charging" ?

TM could add a notification feature to the app so you know when the charge is done.

Since TM's server knows the charge bay inventory and can infer if other cars are waiting, they could ping you with a message to accommodate other drivers. Technically fairly simple, and a good way to let you shop without having to think about it.

it means they are charging to full not just to some particular percentage as needed to drive to next supercharger.

Then just say, "full charge".

Why are these guys making up words for nothing...

They are not making anything up. They just actually read the manual for example page 17, "To drive as far as possible, change the charge level to MAX RANGE"

It does not say full charge.

The charging screen in the car actually says Max Range too so it's not a stretch to call it range charging. I am sure if you read on in the manual it will actually call it that somewhere.

@ satyrias, that was really rude and inappropriate. I did not say or do anything to deserve that.

Shame on you.

@ satyrias, people call it a range charge - I'm not the only one. Call it a range charge, or charging in range mode. It's the same thing. Nobody is making up words and you're the only one getting mad at everyone around here today. Relax.

Gotta backup AmpedRealtor on this, his sarcastic response was in response to you saying "Why are these guys making up words for nothing" when anyone who reads these boards knows that "range charge" is the correct terminology originating from Tesla itself, although to be fair the recent 4.5 software update may have changed this.

@ Mike C, I didn't say the words you quoted - Satyrias did. Scroll up. There was no sarcasm. He was putting me down as "making up words for nothing" because I used the term "range charging" which Satyrias says is incorrect because, according to him/her, it's called a "full charge".

So he is insulting me for being correct, and for his correction of me being wrong and misplaced. So for that I am an uneducated Realtor.

I didn't get mad at anyone.

I just asked, what is a "range charge" since I couldn't get what it means.

And then I made a comment why are they making up a word or can't they say, "Full charge”, when someone explained it.

There was no need for you to jump in with your "Pee" comment here.

Sorry @ Mike C, I totally misread your previous post. Please disregard my above message, I had it all turned around. I'm on my 2nd glass of wine after lunch. :)

Whatever we want to call it - full charge or range charge - my original point was simply that the other two cars may have been charging "to full" which would take at least 40 minutes. Since the OP was only there for 30 minutes, I don't think that meant the other two were necessarily being rude and using the stalls as parking places while shopping. I'm trying to give the other folks the benefit of the doubt is all.

@ Satyrias, if you want to be verbally abusive perhaps this is not the proper place. You seem to be a very hostile person, I am not interested in conversing with you further. Have a nice day.

Just my 2 cents but are parking places that hard to find at these outlet malls? I would think that it would be more convenient to park nearer the stores. Most SC are located a bit out of the way.

We are getting off subject. I traded e-mails with George Blankenship about inconsiderate "S" owners over staying their visits at store charging stations and supercharging stations (SC). I made three suggestions:

1. Avoid malls for SC as shopping can be a powerful distraction.
2. Create a software update to allow a fully charged car to be disconnected from a store or SC.
3. Future SC should have tandem parking and a longer charge cords along with #2.

George felt that upgrading smart phone technology will be enough (I disagree). He feels when it happens to them they will have a "consideration" epiphany.

Happy motoring.

The other two cars were there for well over an hour. I checked back. So even if they were "Range Charging" they would have over stayed their time. Why is it people seem to try and find why the posting is wrong instead of dealing with the question asked. Which is how is Tesla going to manage a line of cars rather than an occasional car looking for a supercharge.

I like the idea of some text to phone notification that your car has completed its charge and come get it ... But they have to come and get it.

Then there is the problem of the line itself. Who goes next? I did not see parking spaces for the on deck car.

I was there on a Monday afternoon. Not a busy time. Sunday late afternoon, might be an interesting time, when traffic is heavy and courtesy and mutual respect becomes more important.

I have seen a notice at Evgonetwork charging stations.

If anyone uses that spot for parking purposes or doesn’t remove the car after charging, the computer will automatically call Tow truck and will tow it away, something along that line.

And there is a security camera on the top of the Charging station to monitor as well as there is a 1-800 number to call for assistance.

Tesla Supercharging stations can adopt the Tow away option if anyone misuses it. It is very simple to monitor automatically and take action. Everything is controlled by computers.

Hi Everone,
I was thinking about how to solve the problem of inconsiderate owners. I am an engineer and a technology enthusiast. I can't think of complete solution but a partial solution could be using the App. A text message might not be so clever. So the solution is using a push notification. If you are familiar with iOS you can incorporate push notifications in the App. So when the charge in the car reaches 5-8% less than user specified charge (ex : if the charge reaches 92-93% ; if the user specifies 70% charge, when the charge reaches 63-64% ) the user should get a push notification stating he should start reaching to his car so that he is not gelding up others. Adding push notification feature is very simple, I am a beginner iphone programmer but I have incorporated push notifications in my app in 3-4 days of learning using online resources. So it is very easy on the implementation side. The limitation is if somebody doesn't have an iphone, they might have an android, windows or blackberry- I am not sure what those platforms have in terms push of notifications implementation.

Also tesla could use the software to lock the car for super charging from next time. That is if a owner doesn't attend his vehicle after reaching his specified charge in 10-15 mins, they can not use super charger next time for a certain period of time (1 month or so etc). This is a way of penalizing inconsiderate owners and the fear of loosing super charging capability for next 5-6 weeks might motivate people to come back and move their cars.

Please hop in and share your opinions on my thinking and throw in some ideas if you have any.

The best way is to enforce the Tow away rule. That is what evgo doing and there is a warning. Every day I see that charging station. I don’t see anyone parking there and no problem of misuses.

Do any of you park your car in a prohibited area with a sign of Tow away?

All those applications are not pragmatic. What if he doesn't have a cell phone or any charge in the phone or network interruptions, so on...

If you know someone will Tow away your car soon after it is charged, then you will be there to take care of it.

Do you park your car in a gas station and go away now?

+1 @petero : Good ideas and thanks for sending it to Tesla management.

+1 @sgarapat: You took the words out of my mouth!

I think Supercharging is a privilege for the courteous Tesla owners. Those who abuse this privilege, should be denied this service for a period of time. I know most people are courteous and considerate to others, but that 10% need a little encouragement to be nice. :-)

This is definitely something that Tesla has to be on top of; if I had to wait for someone to return from their shopping trip before I could charge my car - with my two infant children inside - I would lose my mind. And more to the point, my wife would make me sell my Tesla the next day.

@stimeygee - sell your MS today. If you are losing your mind if you have to wait until someone else is finished charging... It is not worth loosing your mind.

@satyrias: I am sorry to dis-agree but towing a vehicle is too harsh. This could eventually lead to bad press which is not good for Tesla. I said my solution is not complete (it's a partial solution) also atleast in US most of the people who could afford a car like tesla would be using a smart phone I guess. So my solution might act as a catalyst for the owners to be considerate for others. By any chance (some unknown emergency ) if a owner couldn't return to his vehicle and his car looses supercharging he could reach tesla to re-activate it with a proper explanation but tesla keeps a count and log information on the number of times a owner failed to return. So the owner knows he can not do it all the time and get a away with it.

Towing a model S would create great discomfort to the inconsiderate owner who could be stranded (with his kids and family). So the inconsiderate owner should be penalized not punished. Towing is a punishment and people get mad and upset and eventually could lead to bad Internet publicity and I am sure we would be seeing a post in these forums where owners use to express their anger. So I believe penalizing is far better than whipping. I have been in teaching field for many years and when students (mind I have students from teenagers to mid 50 age groups) make mistake punishing them is not going to help but a reasonable penalty proved to be more efficient as it would caution the student and in ways helped them to be more focused on what he has to do in courses.

'Range Charging' has been the term used on all forums, possibly even by Tesla in its material, as short for "max range charging". Examples go back years, e.g.

Your lack of history and awareness of the forums disqualifies you from making such comments.

I just did a "range charge" to 268 miles (from 55 miles) with full juice at Gilroy. This took ~70 minutes. I also did a range charge at Harris Ranch a couple of days ago and because I was sharing the juice, it took over 2 hrs.

Thus, if a car is there for over 2 hrs, you cannot assume they are 'shopping'.

The real answer to the problem is what Tesla is already doing: faster and more supercharger's. Indeed, Gilroy is planned for more expansion.

“ Towing a model S would create great discomfort to the inconsiderate owner who could be stranded (with his kids and family).”

That is the exact reason, “the great discomfort”, nobody parks at a site with a sign of, “Unauthorized vehicles will be towed away” or “ Fire line” or “reserved” or any Tow away warning. They know what is to come, if they don’t heed the warning. Is there any problem in those locations?

You need to understand how human mind works. People respond to “discomfort”, better than any monetary punishment or an admonishment. You can’t apply a teacher student relationship with automobile behavior on the street. They are two different psychological situations. One behavioral approach doesn’t work for every situation.

As for the cell phone, you are thinking in terms of affordability of a $300 smart phone. There are lots of people I know don’t like to carry a cell phone in their pocket, including me. There are several reasons for it.

I have said it earlier; the eVgo charging station has a notice of their Tow away policy. Those who are using that spot are behaving like obedient kids in your class. No problem. No complaint.

Do the superchargers not charge at full rate if multiple cars are charging at once, or is that dependent on which supercharger station?

I like the idea of a push notification - if others are waiting for the supercharger, everyone that is connected gets a push notification every 15 minutes reminding them that others are waiting.

Snowden is is limbo, Manning is on trial for his life. We who are electric car fans are trying to change the world against the headwind of unlimited funds and corruption. Yet we are bitching at each other like petulant children. The charging is free. The idea is revolutionary. Support it and do not sweat the small stuff. Be overwhelmingly happy you even own the damn car!

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