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Help with specific range question!

I do 90% of my driving on weekends, from NYC to the Catskills in upstate NY. I am considering the Model S with 85kwh battery. The car should consistently and comfortably make the trip on a single charge, otherwise I'm afraid it's not much use to me.

The trip is 150 miles. Well within the single-charge range? Or maybe not so much? Especially given:

- My wife and I both tend to drive the flow of traffic, which is 75-80 mph. Call it 80 mph for calculation purposes.
- We drive year round, in Northeast winter temps.
- We have young children in car seats, so we will need to keep the actual cabin temperature comfortable for them (no heated seats option to help with chilly drive.)
- We will occasionally hit traffic, which can turn the 2+ hour trip into 3 or even 3.5 hours. (And see the previous note about heating the cabin for kids.)
- It is a bit of a hilly drive - not terrible, but not flat.

So...without changing our driving behavior, would you think the car is suitable for this use?

And if the answer is "No", which driving behaviors would we have to change? We have another car so we could swap out during the winter, if necessary, without too much heartache. Driving slower would be a tough sacrifice. Can't do much about the traffic, or the cabin temp with the kids, or the hills.

@ Brian H.

I'm working on that one made contact with an owner in AZ who frequents my city for business. I offered a charge (he was having difficulty finding anywhere to charge here) and would need at least Level II thus has yet to bring his MS. I will have 240v 14-50 "two" available. within a month or so (permits contractor scheduling delays etc.)

There is ZERO public charging out here, most have never heard of EV's unless it's a golf cart. But there are a host of smoke belching diesel pickups with big rig style stacks on then stinking up the city.

Looks like a win win It will save me from flying / driving to Denver or SoCal to actually get to drive an S. ( no can do in Scottsdale)


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