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How many miles on your Model S?

Well some cars have been out there well over a year now. I imagine some crazy driver out there has close to 100,000 miles already...who has the most on the forum here? Any notice in range loss? Noises? Build quality issues? Would be interested to hear!


Has a future owner i like to hear that to

21,000 kms got my car in april

6,000 miles in just over 4 months. The car is great.

about 8,000 miles since March 22. No problems so far.

12,738 miles since 01/01/13; (and 7/32" of tread on my original Continental 245/35 ZR 21 tires).

2,900 since July 29th! Every mile better than the previous.

2weeks-105,000 miles, LOL!
Do I love it too much?

3,800 miles since March - ZERO issues and I will be going to the service center only to rotate the tires at 5,000 miles.

3500 miles since June 1 still feels like new. Only minor issue with low tire pressure indication on occasion with normal pressure.

1600 miles since Aug 31. Amazing vehicle. Never thought I would be trying to think of extra places to drive to or longer distance options for the same destination.

9300mi since Jan 6. No noticeable range loss, no significant problems.

3000 miles today. picked up Nicky (our black, 85, tech package, air suspension,twin chargers) on 07/30/13. Loving ever minute of it. Got a black car to and from the charger at Chocolate World to the Hershey Hotel on our 42nd Wedding Anniversary.

11,000 miles since early April. TPMS sensor replaced very early on. 1 tire rotation. Have to plan my 1st service which I will do at around the right time because I do a lot of miles and should do the tire rotation. Will get them to do the pano at the same time. No real issue but did notice some glue melt and a slight creek when open.

6000 mi since late June. Took it in for the tire sensor issue last week and they did a bunch of factory ordered stuff like a pano roof squeak that I never noticed and a few other things.

I am surprised no one has any really high miles to report.

12,000 miles since mid January. A few early glitches were fixed a while back. I'm loving it!

so nice to read this post from thing that scares me is the small glitches/problems . I'm thinking of buying the car, but like you guys i live in Portugal and don't have any service near , the closest is Geneva , Paris, or London 2000km > . And a small thing might be a really big deal for me, i know Tesla have plans to have service in every country, and since the car is so low maintenance, i think i can risc buying until they have a store in Portugal ( or is it my fan talking? )

Wow thanks for all the replies. Surprised nobody is up around the 50,000 mile mark just yet? Must be close for some people who bought back in July/August last year?
Hope to hear more. Pretty minor issues thus far it seems.

9,300 miles since mid June. I'll even drive it down the street to get the mail...

teddyg... the people with >50,0000 miles are currently out for a drive (no pun intended). No time for forums.


Nice! I am almost at par:

~19,000km since the 18th of March.

16906 miles and sold it today! Replaced with a fully loaded "P" loaner with 10k.

Delivered on August 8th...
The Tesla grin cannot be wiped off my face (or my wife's)

I have ~11k miles at almost 11 months of ownership. On my range charge I lost 4 miles. There was a firmware update long ago that changed how they calculate the remaining miles and that seemed to be the cause of most of that 4 mile loss.

~4,200 miles in under two months--car has been flawless. I still try an make sure I floor it at least once a day.


8500 on mine, delivered March 13th. 2600 miles on loaners. 11100 total.

16478 miles. Purchased in March 2013. No issues.

6 weeks, 6,000 miles - only issue is pano roof noise, which is scheduled to be corrected.

105,000 mi. in 2 weeks? You rie rike a lug. That's about 15 hr/da., Sundays off, at Mach 1.

At 34 250km (21406mi) since december 21 2012.

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