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iphone or android app to manage Tesla Model S ??

Will the Tesla Model S incorporate a mobile app that communicates the cars stats? i.e. temp, battery remaining, distance that it can travel, map of near by destination points, locations of charging stations, etc.

The Nissan Leaf has this plus the ability to turn on features such as warming up the car, or cooling it via AC during the summer.

The Chevy Volt can be programmed to delay charging based on a set schedule or electricity rates; doing so can be controlled and monitored via a smartphone application.

And the Ford has voice command, etc. etc.
I cannot imagine that there is any reason why Tesla will not have every possible software available. They hired a company over a year ago to build just the software. So... you will have bluetooth, and iPod dock for music, and G3 G4 capability, maybe even a wifi. Smartphone and iPhone apps are continually being built, and if I remember correctly, someone has built a communications app for the Roadster, outside of Tesla.

I agree. When I upgrade from my Treo, I will almost certainly be buying an Android. I doubt I will ever own an iPhone.

Saab ave gone for Android, probably due to the sales figures. See

"The exciting part is that Saab will open up the car's system to Android developers — including access to about 500 sensors throughout the vehicle for reading data such as vehicle speed, location and direction of travel, driver workload, yaw rate, steering wheel angle, engine speed and torque, inside and outside temperature, barometric pressure and the sun's position"

Based on recent sales figures, total iPhone ownership will be surpassed by Android before the Model S goes on sale. That's a lot of smartphones. It might be wise to accommodate both. Also based on recent sales figures, those two are the only ones to support, but 18 months is a very long time in the mobile space.

....put my vote down for ANDROID.

I'm sure that if they make an app for one, they'll make an app for all. It would be flat-out stupid otherwise.

I also sincerely hope that they have voice-activation functionality like Ford Sync. That is awesome technology, and it WORKS! Very safe and easy to use on the road. I've had it for a year in my 2010 Mariner hybrid - fantastic.

Put this reservation holder's vote down for Windows Phone 7 support. Thanks.

Windows Phone 7 for me. Even though I rarely use my phone for voice conversation and I'd rather use the cars data connection and use Bing cloud search through Windows Phone 7. The tech is amazing, gets it right everytime!

Yet another reservation holder (P441-EU) would like to "vote" for WP7 but it would be great if my wife could do the same with her Android phone but who knows in a couple of years from now she may have an iPhone 7 ;-)

I'm pretty sure that Tesla folks understand the dynamics of this market (why else would they have built in what is effectively an oversized Tegra-2 based Blackberry Playbook?) I hope that they'll be able to deliver it in true Sillicon Valley style...

Btw I would like to wear my mobile developer hat on (Android and WP7 these days) for just a second and try to clarify some of the confusion in the discussion here. One thing is to have an app to "manage" your car and that in my mind needs to be as wide as possible and another is to allow developers like myself to integrate apps with the car in the same way Ford Sync allows Pandora to work by means of the AppLink API or similar to what Saab have presented by offering access to the car's sensors for apps to use. Both however need to be available in a modern car to be successful, because I truly believe that the teenagers of today will choose their rides in a very different fashion than even today (let alone yesterday).


Right Vas, the more control and options one has, obviously the better however if u have to chose your battles, than controlling all aspects of the car remotely is priority.

With competition bringing in more and more multimedia into the car, I believe Tesla will do the right thing in order to stay on pace. After all, they are the trend setters in this current market.

Wow that was quick...

Tesla Model S will support third-party apps and text-to-voice, red lights will never be the same

If only we could have an emulator image so we can start working on app integration as soon as possible it would be great... But I imagine that it'll have to wait at least until the Playbook's release.

Thanks Elon for the confirmation btw.

If you have not seen this, you may find it interesting. It is from May 2009, and give a glimpse of the interface, apps, etc.

Apps = Hackers' Delight!

Be vurry careful what you wish for.

Developing the technology in the Tesla Model S is an even more interesting presentation which brings more insight into what software is onboard the Model S.

Any BlackBerry Tablet (PlayBook) / Adobe AIR developers out there?


Any BlackBerry Tablet (PlayBook) / Adobe AIR developers out there?

Not too likely, unless they majorly change their policy with regard to developers...

When I upgrade from my Treo, I will almost certainly be buying an Android. I doubt I will ever own an iPhone. (FutureNZEVGuy)

It's very nice to see some like-minded folks here! :-) I went Treo 600, Treo 680, HTC Legend (Android). I have to say I am very happy with the Legend, which partly is due to the fact that synching with Exchange works much better with Android than synching the Treo with Outlook ever did.

Ok, that was totally OT, thank you for not flaming me... ;-)

WP7 Vote from this reservation holder.

+1 WP7

+2 :) for Android
My wife and I both use an Android phone (G2 and Sensation)

Whole family of iPhone users, I believe in best of breed like the Model S... ;) By the way, WP7 will be out by Q3 when WP8 is out or did I misunderstand that?

WP7=Windows Phone 7
It's been available since winter of last year.

"WP7=Windows Phone 7
It's been available since winter of last year."

Well that makes it ancient then! :D

Wait a minute . .
Microsoft still makes operating systems for smartphones??
I thought they gave up back when the Palm OS was abandoned :)

So Apple, Android, and Blackberry must have about 99% of the market.

A video from Engadget showcasing the Tesla iPhone app and its functionality:

Iphone for this Signature reservation holder. My wife has an HTC Android - what a load of c....p! Difficult to use, hard to find how to do anything on it and the screen not especially responsive to touch with her fingers, but more or less OK with mine. Skin conductivity or something? I don't know since I don't know how touch screens work.

@David M, BYT New Nokia smartphones will have Win8 operating systems. They are out by mid 2012 I think. They look good, but I haven't seen them live, only at commercials (where just about anything "looks good"). I'm a bit curious though about those phones, because my next phone will probably be Nokia like all the five or so previous ones have been (I get it from my work, don't need my own).

Nokia phones have been good technically, but they made huge mistakes with the OS lately (and some of their latest products especially in smartphone-section have had crappy design as well). I hope Win8 will solve that problem. Too bad Apple has managed to get all decent designers in their ranks.

"Too bad Apple has managed to get all decent designers in their ranks."

I didn't realize Apple was that big... or that there were that few decent designers globally.

Considering what other manufacturer products look like, it just looks like Apple has them all. Technically Apple products are not any better than any other, but they look good. I think that is why they sell so well. Design (UI and HW) has always been strong point of Apple, and looking at some of the laptops Apple has made they just are gorgeous compared to usual PC boxes, even that they usually suck at ergonomy and have practically useless keyboards.

Windows phone just updated to WP7.5 using Mango.

Are you working for Nokia, Timo ?

Yep, I've seen both the demo and the official videos, but all of them date back a while. And everything I can come up with in terms of info on this forum, official tesla releases etc. All date back at least 4 months. I saw one note from Tesla that they were releasing the App in October, but havne't seen anyone chatting about it.

So ... I'm guessing that means nobody has any updated info? I was hoping I had missed something.

although I appreciate @BYT's google search lesson ... gee, I didn't try that ;-)

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