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The Last Thing you Will Ever Do Now That You Have an EV

Today was the last time that I will EVER take a car to a smog certification center. Getting ready to sell my 2003 Infiniti G35 and had a red wine celebration today at the end of the process. Felt like I just flushed a dirty little habit down the bowl.

I've had EV's before (three) and have yet to be 100% liberated from ICE's Here's hoping the fourth time :-) is the charm!

I will hopefully? never buy another ICE for a daily driver again!

i will never get the smell of gasoline on my hand from the pump handle. I will never clean up leaking oil spots off the garage floor, either. Oh, and I will never change a tire, since I DO NOT HAVE ONE.

I'll never run out of gas! Never have to watch the stupid advertising channel they now have on some gas pumps. Never have to go to a Jiffylube to change the oil.

I'll never quit laughing when I hear news articles like the ones over the last few days "Gasoline spiked up 25 cents this week!" They might as well be telling me about the weather report on Jupiter. I'm totaly disconnected from all of that for the first time.

One day I shall be free as well.

+ 1 Benz. We are coming for you, brother.

I didn't find a parking spot at the office the first go around, exited the lot and drove the long way around the block to look again, drove because I love the car, drove because I enjoy my time in it, and drove because I never have to worry that I am wasting fuel or spewing toxins in the air.

Late for work because driving around is more fun! LOL.

I will not miss cramming suitcases into the tiny trunk of my Camry Hybrid when going on family vacations or picking-up grandparents at the airport.

Even after baby came, I vehemently refuse to buy a gas guzzling SUV or mini-van! The Model S should meet this need just fine until the next baby... maybe we'll trade-up to a Model X by then (if it will fit in our garage) :P

Yeah, filling up all that space is a hassle. You'll need several babies and lots of suitcases!

I'll never browse the gas price website again to find the cheapest gas station in the area.

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