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License Plate Install

Went to put on my plates and could not figure out how to remove those little chrome covers that hold on the frame.

Do they unscrew or pop off?

Yes the pop off or at least mine did.

Thanks Eletrek... I will try that... turning them was unproductive :)

Agree, they pop off (you may need a really small flat-head screw driver if they are a little tough). One of mine needed help; the other came off simply by pulling with fingers.

Yes they did pop off... now looking at a bolt head that I no tool to turn. WTF

If I recall correctly, it's a star head screw. Not completely uncommon, but used much less than flat-head or phillips. I guess is does prevent theft of license plates a little.

It's working for me. I can't steal or install. Off to the local hardware store. Thanks for the tip, Longhorn.

It's a 1/8" allen wrench if I recall correctly.

Used to be a Torx, now is a plain Phillips.

Mine was Torx (star) - delivered May 21

They must be changing it around just to fuck with us....

I ended up with a Star #20. Worked like a charm.

Thanks for all the help.

I got rid of that tesla frame and have it plain plate on the rear.

rchiang | AUGUST 23, 2013

"I got rid of that tesla frame and have it plain plate on the rear."

How about a picture? Obscure your plate of course. Would like to see how that looks on the car.....

Here is one option:

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My S was delivered last month and has very small phillips screws that are screwed into PLASTIC. Those owners who have the TORX screws, do those go into a standard metal hole? My tiny screws that go into could easily just rip my plate right off, sans tools. I would like to swap out if possible.

Yes, the Torx screws go into the standard metal holes.

Does anyone else here have the plastic "holes" that the little metal screws go into for the rear license plate mount?

P26874 (delivered 12/17/2013) came with T15 Torx screws threaded into plastic inserts on the car. Also snap-on chromed plastic screw head caps.

The chromed plastic Tesla frame only mounted with 2 screws but once removed 2 more lower plate screw holes (plastic inserts in the metal trunk lid) were uncovered. Are two more Torx screws and pretty chrome caps stashed somewhere in the vehicle? I'd really like to fasten my plate from all 4 corners as its quite thin and floppy.

I don't like the thought of sharp metal license plate contacting expensive pretty paint. Alabama folds a ridge around the perimeter so I usually use a couple washers taped to the back of the plate to hold it out. But in recent years I've used plastic dealer advertising plates under my metal plate. So don't tell anyone there is a Woody Anderson Ford (bought my Mercedes-Benz there) plastic plate protecting my Model S from its Alabama license plate. :-)

I have the plastic holes. Philips screws.

I just attached the front plate with twist ties - got to warm them a bit so they are flexible and no screws in the cone are needed.


Where did you get the red frame?

Hang on, so if/when importing an American car, how do I attach European plates? There's the special holder made for European-sized plates I've seen on cars registered in Holland driving around the UK.

Dont import an american one- not compatible with european charger. Charge handle is different too.

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