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Looking for after market rear center console

Anyone have a link to a good after-market center console for the back seat?
I have 2 kids, and I'm looking for something with a 2 cup holders,
and a little space for some small items....oh, and it has to be secure, so
the whole thing doesn't tip over when going around a sharp curve, for example.



I just ordered this for the back seat, I'll let you know how it works out when it arrives:

Nice! Pic with storage top up when you get it, pls.

Nice up-to-date photo! Cassette tapes and greenscreen LCD on that phone! LOL

We should put a cassette player on the wish list thread.

Or how about an ashtray?

The console arrived and while it fits and works fine the color is too dark for the tan interior. It's more of a coffee color, so it's going back.

Last summer at the LA Get Amped tour Tesla was showing samples of potential rear seat console. There is a picture posted here:
From the picture it looks like a module that just sits on to of the middle seat. I don't know if Tesla is still looking to sell this as an option.

Bought this rear console with 2 cup holders on amazon for $99 Should be here in a day or two. Will update with how it fits and looks when I get it.

It can't be any good. It's not made in China.

Post a picture of the console placed in the rear seat when you have a chance. Thanks -

With all due respect, how can you put this low quality item in this beautiful car? I am amazed.

The rear console came today. Actually looks great and feels great. The leather feels nice and is just a little darker that the tesla black, but for $99 it's a great deal until something better comes along. To sit in the back and have an arm rest is really nice too along with the cup holder and storage. I can reach the cup holder from the driver seat if needed too!

And ylyubarsky, i'm more than happy to pay $1,000+ for one, but there isn't one available yet from tesla or anyone else that is custom made for my MS - and since I paid $109,000 for it, I wouldn't put a piece of shit in the back seat. I figured if it sucked I'd either return it or toss it, but I have to say, 3 different people looked at it today besides myself and all said that it looked built for the car. It attaches with a strap to the child seat clip hook in the fold of the seat and you can't even see the strap. Nice and tight.

Trying to post pics of it, hope this works. If not - anyone have an idea how to post a pic?


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As a temporary I would say it's ok.

@mwojcie, that looks really nice! Thanks for posting the pics. Almost makes me wish I'd ordered black interior.

I am getting the textile so it will likely look pretty bad, but it might be worth keeping in the frunk for when the kiddos have drinks...

for @mwojci:

Thanks Nick. Now you have to tell me how to do that. You would think having an aerospace engineering degree I could figure that out! But I'd rather spend more time behind the wheel!! :-)

It's not BB Code, it's HTML.

<img src="--URL--" width="600">

How easy is the console to remove when you have 3 passengers in the back seat?

It has a single strap that cinches down and hides underneath it. To remove you just reach under it and loosen the strap and pull it out - about 30 seconds. To install takes maybe 60 seconds - you have to dig around for the child seat connector buried between the seat crack and then chinch it a few times to get it tight. Very easy overall. If you are going to let people have a drink in your car then well worth it for now until something better comes along. The cup holders are bigger that the tesla ones so you can fit a large drink in it.

I had a red solo cup in the tesla drink holder - tight fit but it went in - when I got down to the last sip the cup was so light it literally popped out of the drink holder, flew in the air and spilled that little bit of water all over my passenger seat - thankfully it was only water and no passenger.

Thanks mwojcie!

I like yours over others I have seen because the 2 cup holders are farther apart. Like others have said about the front cup-holders...they are so close together you can't get 2 decent size cups in there at the same time.

Thanks for finding this mwojcie. I went ahead and ordered one. Might be something better that comes out someday, but in the meanwhile this should be handy, lord knows there are not enough cupholders in the S.


That console looks great. As for the color, it looks like there are several shades of "black" available. Any idea which one yours is, and which lighter shade you would order now that you've seen it in person? Here's the link, with color "dots" you can click on to enlarge:


RAFellows, thanks for the link, that back center console looks great...especially b/c the car in the pics is my exact color scheme, green/tan...looks like there is something in the front console as well?

@SJenkins, how we'll does the tan console match the tan leather (assuming you have tan leather) ?

Rumored to be in development in this article today:

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