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March Plug-In Electric Car Sales: Tesla On Top, Leaf Roars Back

Tesla Model S the BEST selling plug-in electric car...

Consider those "sales" figures are actually deliveries. The sales occurred over a longer period of time and are spring loaded by folks who have been waiting as much as two years or more for their Model S. If Tesla can post those kind of numbers a year from now, then a happy dance is truly in order.

Given the new lease/purchase option, that seems like a lock.

Tesla's sales will be worldwide while all those other numbers are USA only. Unless TMC breaks them out.

Brian, unfortunately, it is unlikely that Tesla new financing with guaranteed value at 36 month will have appreciable effect on registrations/sales.

I would be interested in hearing an in depth analysis of your statement. Many would challenge you on that position, and I would be one of them.

I took a look vs. not only EVs but also competitive ICE luxury cars - HOME RUN!
check it out at
(and it is true, that these are not completely apples-apples...sales vs. shipments, USA vs. WW)

The reason more than 50% of luxury cars are leased is because monthly lease payment is lower than a payment for the same car if financed. This is due to the fact that financed amount is lower because manufacturers come up with rather high residual values (50-55% for 36 months lease).

This main advantage of the lease, the very advantage EM alluded to by mentioning Tesla's desire to broaden appeal of MS, is absent in the financing product introduced today.

Explore True Cost Of Ownership Page:

- 85kwh MS 10% down, $1051 per month (payment is independent from the assumed residual value) the financed amount at 2.95 is $63,958.69, add 10% down payment --> Selling Price = 71,065

- Compare with the real lease with 50% residual after 36 months:
Financed amount: 0.9 x 71,065 - 0.50 x 71,065 = 28,426, financed for 36 months at 2.95% APR --> monthly payment $826.04; monthly saving of $224.96 over the above financing.

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