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Mercedes unveils Tesla-powered electric car

Found this on CNN Money today, Mercedes is making an electric car powered by tesla technology!

Very old news...

Sorry I jumped the gun. I didn't realize you were talking about the official launch, which just happened a few hours ago.


Excellent news!

This is the type of car I want to lease for my daily commutes. So the 185km range would be ideal. Would be even better if they get an EV A-Class.

The EU seems to be way behind in getting a decent EV car, the
BMW e-MINI & ActiveE were also only available in the USA.

Now only if Tesla would build such a car (in the EU).

This is excellent news for Tesla and I expect for MS owners. I hope Mercedes sells a ton of these and helps a) technology adoption, b) Tesla financially, and c) most importantly helps accelerate the need for Superchargers everywhere!

B-Class is not Superchargable!

The range of the Mercedes EV is not enough to make between the SC that Tesla has planned. The MB EV is more for local use. It may make sense in EU where the price of gasoline is hi.

Fast charging for the B class EV is 60 miles in 2 hrs... that is the same as you get from a 14-50 outlet with the MS.

The smaller the battery, the slower the mi/hr charging.

The smaller the country the smaller the battery.

The smaller the country, the faster you are outside of it ;-)

As a citizen from Belgium, we often if not always go on holidays in another country. That usually entails a trip of 500-1000km drive to get to our destination. Skiing in Austria, France, Swiss, even Italy. Summer holidays in the south of France, in Italy or even in Spain. These are no exceptions.

So I see absolutely no reason why the Merc would not be allowed/capable of Supercharging (especially with Elon's Easter Egg announcement that every Tesla has the SC hardware on board and anyone can choose to enable it) Since the SC works and communicates directly with the batterypack, and it is more cost effective to have and build 1 battery system, just vary the capacity, I assume SC capability will be available for every type of car that uses TM's tech.

I think the Merc and Toyota coming up will both be able to technically use the Superchargers. The difference is, these will be licensed, factory installed upgrades. This angle will provide another source of revenue to Tesla.

Let's face it. Adapting electricity using compatible connectors is infinitely simpler than going from gasoline to diesel fuel.

It has not been unveiled how big the battery pack is (in kWh).

@ Jolinar

Thanks for the link. In other articles they did not mention it, and that was a bit strange to me.

This car looks good to me (for people who do not need much range). Let's see what the price will be.

@rlarno: How about a sweet deal with Mercedes? You want the B-class to be allowed to charge at our SC stations? You build them for us / pay us to build them where we want to. Everybody wins!

@rlarno @ArieK

Supercharging does not make sense for the Mercedes. Supercharging is to allow long distance travel between cities. With a 28kWh battery the Mercedes is strictly a in-city car.

To be able to supercharge the car must have extra, special wiring to bypass the onboard charger. Rather than spent the money for that spent the money on a bigger battery.

A 28 or 60 or 85 kWh take the same time to charge at SCs; it's a percentage/hr deal, not an absolute kW/hr feed. So the lower cap batteries take just as long but more often, and so clog the system.

@ ghillair

"With a 28kWh battery the Mercedes is strictly a in-city car."


Many people most of the time need only a in-city car for daily commute.

It will be interesting to see how much the price is going to be.

Even with it having the limited range, I still see no reason why the MB B would not be allowed/capable to SC.

Daimler (MB) and Tesla have a strategic partnership:

So they can share the same Tech. Developing a new system would require much more resources than using the same tech. So by sharing the same tech, they can reduce the cost/unit.

Only time will tell, but I would imagine MB & Tesla sharing the SC network. At the moment though the SC network will remain exclusive for TM as they need this, because it is a huge selling point for the Model S.

@ rlarno

I expect that this 2014 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive will not be able to be charged using a Supercharger. Otherwise, they already would have announced it already. And this would surely be big news.

What could very well be possible is that after a few years (2016?) Mercedes Benz and Tesla together decide to make changes to the some parts of the power train hardware of the Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive (other battery pack, other charger, other wires etc.), so that it in the future can be made possible to charge using the Supercharger.

But this will require a more closer business relation between Daimler and Tesla.

rharno, Benz;
One thing to note is that the CHAdeMO installations will be far more common, in and outside of cities, and will deliver all the charge the B-class can handle. It would be a severe strain on the SC net to make it accessible to other maker's cars. Note also that it takes as long to recharge a little MB battery as a big TM battery at an SC: the DC system will max out at the rate the pack can handle, which means it still takes an hour to recharge the tiny 28kWh B-battery. The CHAdeMO can handle that just as fast.

typo: rlarno, Benz;

@ Brian H

With "other battery pack" I actually meant a battery pack with enough kWh capacity (60/85/100) so that it would make sense to be charged at a Supercharger. I should have been more precised about this. But at the moment it does not look very likely that this will happen any time soon. The business relation between Tesla and Daimler has to be taken to a very different level than it is now on.

I just learned that the price will be starting at around 60,000 USD. This is much more than I was expecting it would be.

Here is the link of the video on YouTube:

People will still buy a few because of the Mercedes name.

@ Tesluthian

That is true, and that is good as well, because every EV on the road means that it has been bought instead of an ICE.


And every sale means a battery sale for Tesla.

@ Tesluthian

The battery pack and the rest of the electric powertrain as well, I think. But you are right, it is good for Tesla Motors as well.

Benz - thanks for the video. $60k for the B class makes the 60 kWh MS look cheap.

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