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Miami Get Amped Tour Stop

Just had to sneak by the Tesla Store and see them prepping for the big event ...

Your choices are:

White Perf
Std. Red
Green 19" Wheels
Silver Perf

Posted a few pics Tesla Motors Club

Unfortunately, today's ride cost me about $11,000.00.

I was dying to feel that ride. It was fantastic. Performance is wild. The total lack of engine noise, gear shifts ... wow.

I took the long route (2 course options) and definitely got a good feel for the car. Worst part. Like most, I forgot to do the mundane things ... roll the windows down, try cruise control, honk that horn. But, those are ancillary to the experience of flooring it at 40mph and feel that "pushing" hit of torque.

Note to all: If you were on the fence about perf or non perf, DO NOT DRIVE THE PERFORMANCE MODEL, it will cost you another 11k cuz you will change your mind on the spot.

Was there today as well and drove the white performance vehicle. It left my stomach in the back seat. I have never seen performance like that!

I remembered to honk the horn on my Chicago test drive today.. It goes " a-hoooo-gah" . Just kidding, it sounds fairly quiet, unobtrusive medium tone two note horn, nothing special IMO.

Did you apologize for defacing the rims like that? >:-p

I drove the standard but am buying performance. I have yet to experience the difference! 

You'll have to keep your eyes open for a standard S on the roads so you can show off your P-muscles ...

Looking forward to that Brian! ;)


Someone else takes credit for that ...

When I went to the store ... they were prepping all the Model S' and I got to get close and personal without anyone around.

That white perf model has been beaten up. Scratched rims and a flat tire when I was there ....

Andrew18 | July 28, 2012
I remembered to honk the horn on my Chicago test drive today.. It goes " a-hoooo-gah" .

My nomination for Tesla User App #1!

The cars at this event sound like the same cars that were at the NY event last weekend.

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