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Model S + Honda 240v Generator = Unlimited range?

I'm concerned about the range of the Model S which might limit it's suitability for road trips. Would it be possible to have a trailer hitch with hitch-platform and carry a Honda 240v generator and somehow power the car while driving at highway speeds? I know that this would not look sexy, but it would provide me a level of comfort that I could use the car for more than 160-200 mile trips.


Scratch the boat sail, I'm putting this guy in my frunk!...

@ TikiMan

At last... The perfect range extender lol!!

If he buys a Tesla, will he need a battery?

I have wondered why there is not an option to have some solar PV cells on the surface of the roof of the Model S. The surface area of the roof would probably allow you to get perhaps 300-500 watts of output, depending on the efficiency of the cells.

This could give you a little bit of extra range, or help diminish the range loss from battery pack heating and cooling.

Plus, it would sort of look high-tech...

About the umpty-twoth time that has been suggested. Costs about $5K on the Karma, max 300watts in full sun. Some of the most expensive and unreliable power ever, at about $20/watt. BAD idea. Just show.

A sail, for me. When the wind doesnt blow, ill use compressed air to fill the sail. I envision someday a nationwide network of compressed air stations for Tesla sails to extend range.

Don't forget the little wind turbines to tuck under the nose to generate even more power from the forward motion. In a strong headwind, at least.

A more serious question, an air source heatpump extracts heat energy from the air, with roughly 300% efficiency (1kwh of electricity driving the pump generates 3kwh of heat energy). Could you use thermocouples to turn this scavenged heat energy into electricity? If the thermocouples (or some other form of turning heat into electrcity) are more than 33% efficient you get a net gain...

@Flaninacupboard: the number I've seen for heat pump efficiency is 200% rather than 300%.

Thermocouples/peltier effect devices are generally very low efficiency, although I was reading one company claiming to be working on one with up to 80%. I'll believe that when I see it, but would love for it to be true as there is waste heat everywhere to be captured, including on the back of normal PV solar cells.

I'm concerned about the range of the Model S which might limit it's suitability for road trips - Pashaw01

Welcome to the next step in 21st century transportation!

Although I enjoyed reading the solutions as well as your generator item, this question really extends to a major point in American freedom.

Q: How do I drive 600 miles? A: You have to rethink your driving assumptions.

First: you never have to gas up the car again.
Second: Charge as often as you can. If you can take advantage of the SuperChargers, do that. If you can't, use resources to find electric plugs / outlets / etc to charge along the way.
Third: Until the infrastructure is there, you'll have to do more work before a road trip. Campgrounds, RV Hookups, and other Telsa owners may let you use their locations to charge. Their are multiple blogs about how people have taken roadtrips in their new Model S.
Fourth: It takes much longer to charge than to refill gas, so expect longer trip times. Unless you already make frequent stops and/or take leisurely meals, you probably can go 300 miles, stop for gas, then go another 300 miles. (or 350 - 400 if you're like me).

Until we get Mr. Fusion available, this will be the new road trip paradigm.

Congratulations! You invented the first vehicle powered by a combustion engine!

I forgot what I was saying...

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