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Model S iPhone App available now

I know the Android app was available a few days ago. I just searched again on the iPhone app store and found the Tesla Model S App. You sign in with the same email and password as this website and it automatically links to your car. The menu includes Home, Controls, Charge, Climate, and Location across the bottom of the screen.

Home - shows current status, can sign in and out there.

Controls - vent roof, lock, unlock, honk horn, flash lights

Charge - switch from standard to max range, start and stop charging

Climate - shows current interior temp, turn climate on and off

Location - map view of the car location, direction to get to the car (goes to Maps app)

Thumbs up so far!

Can anyone else confirm...? It looks to me like turning on the heater via the app to warm the car does NOT warm the battery. I did not notice any shortening of the reduced regen period after leaving my car warming for about 20 minutes before driving, than I usually experience in the Chicago teen temperatures. It still seems that the battery needs to warm up before the full regen is available. I would have expected/wished that heating the car would also heat the battery.

Gut was watching my car yesterday out in the parking lot at work. I honked the horn and he just about jumped out of his skin. I love this thing!

Guy was watching...

Here's a trick for warming the battery in the morning. Assuming your charging is complete when you awake, just move the slider from "Standard" to "Max" range, and start charging again. Don't do this for too long, because you don't want to stress the battery by charging to 100%, but 15 minutes or so would probably get the battery warm before you leave for work. Also, I have started dialing back the amperage because I don't put on that many miles in a day. So a few minutes of range charging will not put my SoC that close to the top.

I can't believe this app didn't have my Sig. wake me up and make breakfast for me!


Pretty damn cool.
Hey Tesla Boys (and Girls), how about:
Turn seat heaters on (not that I ever use them in Southern Cali).

Also, how about some email alerts. Automatic email when:
1. Charge gets below 10% (or some other per-determined level. This could avoid a battery disaster).
2. The charger is not plugged in, in say 10 minutes, after being parked at home next to the charger. For those of us that forget to plug the car in, a reminder would be helpful. This entirely possible because the car knows when it is "home" because it is doing it now with the new Homelink" feature that brings that menu up when the GPS identifies the location close to home (very cool feature, BTW!). I invasion getting an email that says, "Hi Tom, this is your Model S. I've been sitting in your garage for 10 minutes now, and I'm not feeling the power, baby. Did you forget about me?. You know a love a good 40 amp jolt after a hard day on the road." (Anybody have a good email for this?)
3. When charging is complete. (The five Leaf drivers at my office share two chargers. The emails that the Leaf sends out have been helpful in coordinating the five owners share the chargers. When one is charged, the owner gets an email and can move the charger to the next car. Hopefully, soon,there will a lot of Tesla's sharing chargers too! (OK, extending the email in #2 above, for this, I suggest, "ah, that was great. I'm fully charged and ready for a good hard drive home. You know I love it when you step on it. I'm ready for you, baby."

@Tomas | FEBRUARY 5, 2013: Also, how about some email alerts

I think in addition to email alerts, that phone notifications would be better.

"you know I love" vs "a love".

Check the BB -- Android update out.

Love the IPhone app so far. Many great suggestions for improvement posted. One flaw that I think should be corrected involves the app's ability to turn on the climate control. If you turn the climate controls on with the app, they stay on until you turn it off with the app - even after you have driven the car. I've turned on the climate controls, driven the car and noticed the climate controls stay on after I get out when I've reached my destination.

Mine does not do that, it locks and shuts down correctly. Wouldnt be a door ajar? i am now seeing the inside temp anomalies others have talked about.

For those worried about use of simple passwords on the forum and on the app, when you first use the app, if the password is too simple, it forces you to create a new stronger password. Remember it, as you'll need it next time you login to Tesla's site too!

For app login, it also uses your email not your forum name. While usually your email is not all that private (I'm sure you've given it out many times), it's also not public on the Tesla site.

Remember the xkcd lesson: password strength is a direct function of length. All the special characters etc. don't matter a d***.

Lesson: make it easy for YOU to remember, but long.

Just download. My MS is in the shop for tinting and I can see exactly where the car is, my driver door is opened now and the temperature is 69 deg. exactly what the temperature I set when I left my car. I didn't want to play with the other functions to scare the installer and can't wait to pick up my MS tomorrow to play with it. Great app.

Hey! I didn't realize that the app actually shows when doors are open, etc. My car is currently having the 2nd charger installed, and I can see that the frunk, trunk, and driver's door are open. I can also see that climate control is set to blow air at the feet and dash. I am certain it would also show when lights are on, charge port is open, etc.

Beep out the "Charge!" cadence on the horn, and see if anything happens. :P

"Shave and a haircut . . ."

The Android App ROCKS!!

The charge state monitoring is particularly usefull.

Until we have support for delayed charging...

Now I plug in the car when I get home, stop charging from the dash, and then use the iPhone app to start charging as I'm getting into bed. A little better.

Regarding the comments about warming the interior does not warm the battery. None of us designed this dream, but from thinking about how the designer would do things, the car's climate control probably runs from the 12 volt battery, and doesn't have any control over the car's larger battery. Maybe later they will offer both separately?

Does anybody know when the tesla app will be available by app stores out of the US?

Kind Regards,
Marcel (Europe RN 422 Signature Performance)

I guess when the first deliveries start. I just downloaded it with an USA account (not that it is of any use yet)

Just downloaded the Tesla Model S mobile app for Blackberry Z10.....unbelievable! I am lost for words. Thank-you Tesla for such an integrated car app and so up to date for the new Z10.
I was immediately updated on all the vital stats of my car and I could also see the exterior temp.
Now I can continue to be a 24 hr salesman for Tesla when I show off my car app.
Great job!!

Has anyone had problems with the map showing the exact location of the car (iphone)? My phone shows where the car was when the application was installed. The current street name location of the car shows up on another screen but not on the map. I don't have the tech package.

Is there a way to get the same info on the app onto my desktop? While working, I would like to be able to check on my baby from time to time!


I just got the Blackberry Z10 but can't find the Model S app. Can you offer assistance in finding the app for download?

This car keeps getting better. Don't you love the fact that you don't even look at the price of gas anymore - it doesn't matter. I'm not a car buff but I'm a techie and LOVE the car!

@sunnysailor - I don't have the tech package either, but the car location has always been spot on for me. I can see down to the exact parking space and whether I parked crooked or not! Maybe try deleting and reinstalling the app.

We were able to log in to the app a few days ago but can't anymore. App says email/password is incorrect. We have tried several times, using the same password as for our MyTesla account.

The registered email address has a hyphen in it...

Any ideas?

I had the same problem, Tesla told me to take the exclamation mark I had in my password out and use a number instead.
Re-setup my password and it worked. It originally work with an exclamation mark.

FWIW I still have an exclamation mark in my PW and it still works fine. @fthompson - are you using email/pw or username/pw? Whichever you are using, try the other one.

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