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Model S on National Geographic Megafactories

I just watched a full hour long episode on building the Model S at NatGeo Megafactories.
It gave a good impression of some of the challenges Tesla faced when starting up a new huge factory.
This was AWESOME to watch and I can reccomend it to every forum visitor. It might actually be great material for staff at Tesla stores to hand out to interested visitors on a Tesla branded USB stick for watching at home :-)

Any online link to it?

Doesn't look like the full episode is available. Here is a three minute trailer:

Due to be aired December 22. Where did you see it, ArieK?

Saw it in Australia. Great show!

Thank you ArieK! This is a story that needs to be and hasn't yet been told. I look forward to seeing it.

Good catch.

Remind us in 29 days ...

I saw it in the Netherlands. Never imagined they would air this episode in Europe before the US. Oh well, for most people it will be a shorter wait for this episode than it will be for their car ;-)


I watched the Russian version on youtube. I do not speak or understand Russian. A lot of the technical terms are understandable. I got about 10 percent from the Russian version. I will watch the English version for the other 90 percent of the information.

footage is awsome... ever seen a factory like this... like a movie set

Nice video. I'll watch the English version later. Tesla needs to get that story out to people that are interested in their cars.

I watched the trailer for the special on national geographics website. I can't wait.

is there an english version out (prior to 12/22), or one with english subtitles available now?? I watched the russian one, but would like to understand the content (the images are great). link anyone?

here the english version with netherland subtitles

Whity Whiteman, great, thank you very much for posting the link!
I watched the Russian version last night but will much more enjoy the English version when I find time to watch it tonight.


Thanks for the link. What a great show. Too bad they wrapped production too early. No mention of superchargers or motor trend COTY. Both omissions deserve their own shows IMO.

Thanks for the updated version.

like =)

Thanks for the link Whity!

Thanks for the link, awesome video!

thx for link :)

+1 @Whity 45minute advert for Tesla!

That's the most detailed look at the battery packs that I've seen.

+1 nickjhowe

KJR4235, really? The only shot that actually shows the battery pack is artificially blurred and the voice-over says that it's considered top secret. That's understandable in a way, but I must say that on the bottom line, I'm underwhelmed. It's a 45-minute advert for Tesla, no more, no less.

Yes, could have spent (for me) a lot less time on the background and driving and chatter, and much more on the specific factory operations. But I guess their purpose was to show it as part of an overall image of Tesla as ground-breaker.

I've been in the factory so not much new info, but even though I've toured the paint area I hadn't put 2 and 2 together and realised just how far the car has to travel from 'body in white' to the paint shop. The speeded up footage shows the car travelling a LONG way through a dark part of the factory.

The voiceover also makes a few factual errors (talks about 19" wheels when showing video of the 21's) but I wonder what to make of the comment that the welding robot 'needs to do this 700 times per day'. Does that mean a max line throughput of 700 vehicles per day? Or 100 per day with seven welds for that specific part (or some other combination)??

I guess I had never seen the smaller group individual batteries being stacked together. The bigger picture was blurred as you pointed out. As a non-engineer type I found the overview on the robotics & images interesting. Ultimately, you are correct about it being an advert. I hope to see the factory in person someday.

This should be "sticky"'ed if only this forum supported that.. I just found this video and it's very impressive.. if you have any skepticism about Tesla Motors full-on long term commitment and capabilities.. this documentary should cure that.
Great stuff about a great company.

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