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Model S Wiper Issues

I have heard several owners complain about windshield wiper behavior, in particular the way the wipers, if left on when exiting the car, will start up on driver re-entry. This poses two problems:

1. If it is raining or if there is water remaining on the windshield, the wipers will push that water right into the interior of the car if the driver's door is not yet closed.

2. If the wipers became iced to the windshield while the car was parked, and the driver forgets to dislodge them before getting in the car, the result could be a blown fuse or broken wiper arm.

I believe this could be fixed with a software addition which deactivates the wipers when you exit the car, and upon re-entry, requires that you turn the wiper switch OFF and then back ON again to re-activate them.


There is a second wiper issue relating to the wiper park position - below the rear edge of the bonnet. While logical for lower wind resistance, the wipers cannot be pulled away from the windshield while in their parked position because the bonnet is in the way. For owners in cold climates, this will clearly be a problem. It's an invitation for iced wipers to become stuck to the windshield, and in this parked position, it is very difficult to free them.

A possible fix for this, provided the hardware will allow it, is a software addition that allows for two different wiper parking positions: Normal (behind the bonnet) and Winter (just above the bonnet).


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try some as soon add possible.

--- Cherif

When I took delivery of my car last weekend, the wipers were parked under the bonnet (are you a Brit Todd?). Now that I've had a chance to use them, they do not return to under the bonnet. They stay exposed even when turned off. Was this changed in a later software update (this thread is a bit old) or are mine not working right?

Geek EV -- I had the same problem you described (it developed spontaneously one day when I parked). This is a known issue affecting a small number of cars, and can be fixed by Tesla's service technicians. There's some kind of adjustment that they make (mine just got fixed this week). I have no idea why it ever gets off-kilter.

@michaelwm - Thanks! I'll add that to my punch list.

Ok, I called my local Tesla service center and they said that seeing wipers visible from outside the car was "normal" and all the new cars in their shop were like that. They said if I didn't want them that way they would adjust them the old-fashioned way with a socket wrench.

Here's what mine look like:



Anyone have something different? I think that possibly the earliest cars had hidden wipers and people in snow climates complained and they moved them up. Any truth to that?

@Got Amped - I just took delivery on Sunday and they were below the bonnet. It wasn't until I actually used them that they stayed above it... So, make of it what you will.

Here are mine:


@Got Amped, nickjhowe - Yeah, that's how mine are now too. But you can clearly see in this picture at delivery they were hidden. Click through to view higher res. as per Got Amped's comments I'll ask the to adjust them next time I have service.

photo 1

@ Geek EV +1

Hidden could be a good thing during the summer (when the effects of the sun's UV rays are what really age and wear wipers).

Hah, actually, looking at my own picture more carefully I think I do see them barely peeking out past the hood. Perhaps it's the camera angle that makes then look more hidden than Nick's shot... Oops.

FYI, when I said "known problem" it may have been a slightly different problem. There are at least a handful of cars that have experienced a bug where the windshield wipers (when turned off) rest 4-6" UP the windshield. This is far more than just being visible from outside the car... they actually wind up very slightly in the line of sight of the driver from inside the car. An adjustment from a service technician can fix it. Both my car and a friend's car experienced the problem (for both of us, it just started happening without warning one day while we were using the wipers).

I think the state of the wipers being slightly visible rather than completely tucked under the hood is normal.

So, while looking at the wipers in greater detail today and contemplating adjusting their position manually, I noticed something. There are, what looks like, these two silver sideways L's showing through the glass of the windshield. They just happen to correspond to the edges of the wipers. So I guess they're exactly where they're supposed to be (which as shown in the pictures from Got Amped & nickjhowe). Check it out. Just lift up the left edge of the passenger wiper and the right edge of the driver wiper and you'll see what I mean.

in Montreal,quebec,canada ,many of us change our summer wipers for winter wipers,more flexible and more appropriate for snow, ice,sleet, and name it!!

I would think the best option would be to just have the wipers turn on when the car is turned on using the brake pedal. That way it is the driver's choice when to have the wiper activate.

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