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Model X Reservation Tally

This thread is intended to track Model X reservations.

If your reservation number is greater than the reservation number listed below, please post the 1) reservation number / date received 2) region and 3) type: Signature or General Production.

The Model S Reservation Tally can be found here:

Here is an updated collection of the numbers posted by members on various threads and forums (i.e., these numbers are to be taken with a grain of salt):

S 3 (February 9, 2012)
[B]P 109 (February 10, 2012)[/B]

[B]Net Total: 112 - February 10, 2012[/B]

S = Signature Series (Model X)
P = General Production (Model X)

Please disregard. I used the wrong HTML Tags.

The Model X Tally can be found here:

05/21/2014, #10087

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