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New Firmware V 4.3

Just installed V4.3 with two new features:

- you can now set the time to start charging (Yea!)
- climate control adjusted to be a bit warmer on all settings

Thanks, Tesla!

:-( Not updated, VIN 18xx

Still nothing. VIN 4020. Can someone plot this trend. Seems like higher VINs are getting it sooner.

VIN 54XX no update yet

Got Mine yesterday, VIN 6654

Very odd. 18xx no update yet 6xxx has received update. I'm 54xx no update yet. Are these rollouts totally random? I wonder if geography is at play. Maybe they spread the rollout's across the county to get a sample of feedback based on weather, topography, etc.

VIN 67xx got it today. I wonder if its relate to how long the car is parked/stationary.

After update the AC fan speed is lower and how can I get out of Eco mode?

VIN 54xx. no update. although I think someone mentioned a glitch with car door after install.

Does the 4.3v only contain update for the charge time set? I won't be using that feature since I have a flat rate of 11c/kwh in Santa Clara.

Jchangyy - do you have solar?

The update also has a tweak to the heater, it is now much warmer for a given setting. Mark, I think having charging set to range mode also affects the heater, see if you have that set and return it to normal charge mode. (I wonder if the order follows the wacky delivery order, like its the order cars were entered into the system when they rolled out?)

I wonder if the HPWC owners are getting the updates first or is it random?

I just received the update today. I was one of the last to receive the 4.1 update, and I do not have a HPWC. I am a Sig S VIN 871.

VIN 3812 No Update Yet.

@jchangyy, when you say you have a flat rate of 11c/kw, is it because you have solar or you have a special plan with your provider? I have PG&E (Milpitas), and they don't have a fixed rate that is independent of the amount of usage - they start at 11c/kw, but once you cross the baseline (around 300 or so kwh), the price starts increasing.

@Mark Z, I don't have 4.3, but you should be able to go to Console/Settings/Vehicle (if I remember), and turn off Range Mode | MARCH 15, 2013: I wonder if the HPWC owners are getting the updates first or is it random?

Got the HPWC yesterday and installed it, but no 4.3 software yet.

@bfranks273: Found it, was looking for Eco Mode on the vehicle settings. Forgot that it is called Range Mode.

While the number of Eco Mode fan speeds seemed to increase, the volume of air appeared less.

On regular mode the AC really puts out. I don't remember a fan sipped of "11" but it's there!

For all we know, the rollout could be based on your IP address.

Sequential by IP address! Gahhh! \:(

My MS 60kw is 3 weeks old. Ive had no real problems except for a passenger rear door that would not open from the outside when I chose the child lock feature. Today I received the 4.3 update notice on my screen and opted for a 2 AM update. As soon as I punched it in, I received a yellow warning sign that something was wrong and to bring the vehicle in for service. After a few seconds the screen went dark and the vehicle was not driveable.
I called Tesla and reached the Menlo Park Service Center. I described what happened. Brian told me that I may inadvertently punched in the update now button. I was told to wait two hours.
It's been four hours and the car has not woken up yet. The service center tried coaching me into rebooting by pressing down the two center buttons with no success. They are sending a ranger tomorrow Saturday morning.

60 kw MS

Brian, all I'm saying is that it's fruitless to complain that "I have VIN xxx, but haven't received my firmware." We don't know the basis for the rollout order, whether alphabetical by last name, geographical, IP address, or BMI. update yet, but my parcel shelf was delivered today :^)

I started the update process at about 4:30 pm PST. Anyone know how long it takes to update?

BMI? Body mass index? Hahaha

Got update this morning. Vin 42XX. 85KW in No. Va. No problems noted.


@prasad and @electron...I don't have solar. My electricity is through Santa Clara valley power--municipal.

First 300kwh is $0.09 ans subsequent usage is $0.11 per kwh. No upper limit or third tier. Only 2 levels from what I've seen on my bill.

They also have the Time Of Use option but its only cheaper by 1.6 cents cheaper per kwh. It also changes w season, etc.

Out current monthly bill is around $80 per month on a new home, 2000 sq ft. I'm sure my bill will double w my tesla.


Amazing, just around the corner from you and paying upwards of $0.34 per kwh once
the tiers kick in from PGE.

Ya, I know, I was just responding to the imaginativeness of your suggestion. ;p

If at first you don't succeed, ...

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