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New Firmware V 4.3

Just installed V4.3 with two new features:

- you can now set the time to start charging (Yea!)
- climate control adjusted to be a bit warmer on all settings

Thanks, Tesla!

It's a brain thing; in psych it's observed that most men prefer fixed directional orientation, most women navigate by landmarks (self as reference point.) Men often just "tack" in the right general direction, and don't care about the specifics.

Interesting Brian. Where'd you find that info?
My spouse and I must have our orientations reversed or something.

My original degree was in Psych, many decades ago.

@DouglasR Thanks. I'll try the "call" command.

I only got 1.25.40, not the earlier versions of 4.3. I installed it last week.

I'm having one problem with it, and I'm wondering if anyone else can replicate it. I have the car set to auto-lock after I walk away, but usually I just lock it with my key fob when I get out of the car.

Now, with 4.3 (1.25.40) when I walk far enough away from the car, the doors just unlock by themselves. When I walk back to the car, I can't get it to lock with the key fob. I get back into the car, then get back out, and the key fob locks the car, but as soon as I walk about 30 feet away the car unlocks again. Using the iPhone app to try to lock the car fails, too.

The only way I've been able to get it to stop doing this is to turn off the auto-lock setting.

I spoke to a service tech who said 1.25.40 was supposed to solve this issue, but it still happens to me. Anyone else?

I installed v4.3 (1.25.40) and the car would lock but then the handles would pop out and it would unlock itself after 20-30 seconds. The work-around I found was to turn off "auto present handles" in settings. The car stays locked after I did that (and has the problem again if I turn it back on). The local service folks (San Diego) think a hard reset (fuse pull) should fix it and they're sending someone out today to do that.

I just spoke with one of the folks at support. He said they routinely do staggered roll outs of the updates (I haven't gotten mine yet). They have detected a few bugs and have temporarily suspended the roll out. Guess we'll just have to be a little patient.

Just got a call. There was another customer with same probleem and apparently a new software update is needed to fix it (reset didn't do it). So, for now, I will leave "auto present handles" off.

One last update. I got an e-mail that the factory engineers had rebooted my door controllers (no change in the displayed software version). This does indeed appear to have fixed the problem. "Auto present handles" is back on. Full awesomeness restored!

rebooted your door controllers.

rebooted your door controllers.

Whew. OK suggestion: a nice simple cron job that reboots everything every day at 3AM, assuming you are not driving, while we wait for the testing department to show up. ( I actually have done this before.)

"It's a brain thing; in psych it's observed that most men prefer fixed directional orientation, most women navigate by landmarks"

This is just BS. There isn't a GPS on the market that does not offer relative direction UP. My wife and I spent two entire trips doing somersaults in the front seat trying to get used to this silly thing.

Airplane GPS, my boat, hell everybody's boat has UP GPS. It makes no sense not to have it and to be able to tag HOME , OFFICE, LAKEHOUSE etc.

Updated software 2 days ago and realized this morning that my handles are not retracting. Exact same symptoms as @EugeneW.

@Gary1 - Wow, that's incredible that they have that kind of fine grained control over the car! 8-O

Since it's optional, it's chosen by each individual to suit. Some prefer general orientation, some prefer detailed aiming points. Directions given by Type A are unsatisfying and hard to use for Type B, and vice versa.

@Gary1: I'm having the same problem with my car and figured out the same solution (ie turn off the "auto present" option). Were they able to reboot the door handles remotely or did you have to take it in?

AndreasS, They did it remotely while my car was sitting in the parking lot at work. I didn't know they had done anything until I got the e-mail.

I just asked ownership and was told they can't do this over-the-air (though I pointed them at your thread in the forums here) and I need to bring it in. I'll wait to do that until my due bill items are in, since this isn't really that much of an inconvenience. Simply turn off auto-present and used the fob to lock/unlock the car.

Here's the text of the e-mail I got:

"The factory engineers have rebooted your door controller and should be operating as designed now. Please let us know if they are not."

That's all I know. The handles were working again after that.

Quick question. I just switched to time of use with SCE. It's cheapest between midnight and 6am. I'm going to set my schedule for midnight. What happens if I go to a different charging station and plug in? Do I have to override the schedule setting for it to start charging?

@awexler - I'm 95% sure the charging time config is location sensitive. Not in the car right now so can't check.


No, the car uses GPS to to 'know' that charge timing is different at different locations. If you're at a different location, just set the charge time, and it will remember automatically.

Very slick use of tech!

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