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New Model S Reservation holder

Finally did it! I've placed my reservation for a Model S. Test driving the Roadster was the final straw...these cars are amazing. Oh, and I got a jacket to go with my reservation...

Congratulations on your decision. It will be a long wait, but I think it will be well worth the wait.

If you know your reservation number let us know if you want. It's interesting to know how the reservations are going.

So far I've seen p2451 for the USA, p332 for Europe and p69 for Canada.

Ad van der Meer
P270 Europe

I haven't heard from Tesla yet with my reservation number, but I will post it as soon as they call me. Thanks!

I should clarify that I BOUGHT a jacket to go with my reservation - lest I make anyone think that Tesla is passing them out.

I was told that my number was 781

I reserved mine beginning of Sept and was told I was 2359.

Was actually surprised that I would get a first year model, thought there would have been more reservations than that.

Congratulation KKlabunde, welcome to the club. Yes we would like to know what your reservation number is since we are not getting any official numbers from Tesla. and I'm glad you cleared up the Jacket issue, I was feeling left out of the free jacket.

Liz G. I reserved mine in early May and am P1858. at the time the reservation rate was about 75 a month. based on your number it looks like the reservation numbers have increased to 125 a month. would be nice to see what KKlabunde number is. These are of course U.S. Production series, there are also Signature series and out of U.S. numbers so rate is actually higher.
At this rate first year (last half of 2012) production will be sold out before production starts.
I predicted six months ago and I still think its true that once there are Prototype Model S' in show rooms later in 2011 for test drives the reservation rate will go through the roof so I won't be surprised if 2013 production will also be sold out before the start of production in mid 2012.

That's nearly 3000 reservations, and it isn't even 2011 yet. I don't think Tesla will have any problems selling every single car they make in first year, and after the real-life experiences fill the blogs they probably will have problem making them as fast as they are selling.

That is if they can sell them under 60keur. I just saw Tazzari zero at the stoplights this morning and looked from web how much that costs: 20keur + taxes (which are not small here). If that sells then Model S will have no problem whatsoever.

My number is 1838- I ordered it back in end of April 2010. Mehdi is pretty much on the mark with 125/month. Actually I know of 2 more people who are considering buying one too, but want to test drive it first (one on the market for a new town car type car and another one whose getting rid of their XR8 Jag), so once the test drive cars are out, that number should go up dramatically and once people have gotten their cars the number should go up even more. 2012 can't come soon enough!
Tesla is going to make a fortune with these cars.

I suspect the sales folks are busy. My dep check cleared 3 weeks ago, but I have heard nothing yet - their office is in Florida right? (just kidding) - I am dealing with the Toronto dealer (Eton) - guys - communicate with your customers please, otherwise they get nervous!

I didn't think the Toronto store was even open yet. Last I heard, it'd be in December.

Store no, but my sales team email said to make the check out to Tesla/Eton: BY CHECK
Make check payable to Tesla Motors, Inc. (Please reference customer name on the check)
Tesla Motors Canada c/o ETON
70 Yorkville Ave, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON M5R 1B9

After you completed the online reservation form, did you all receive a confirmation email from: - with the Subject line: Tesla Model S Confirmation...?

I am willing to overlook a lot of weirdness until they are establish, bu the reverse lookup of the phone number in Canada gives:

Business Results
Tesla Motors
70 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M5R1B9

Which is where Canadian checks are to be sent, and where I sent mine. I guess I am just a bit paranoid - a function of not having any kind of response from Tesla...

Andyro, I had to follow up with an email to get my number, however I registered before they had even announced sequence numbers so I'm not sure what is normal now. Will be interesting to see your number as P69 is the highest Canada number I have seen so far.

Hello to all. I reserved my Model S as a birthday present to myself. I just turned 69.

Congrats & welcome to the club pmeyer...69, eh? matter, I'm sure driving a Model S will keep you young for a long time! ;)

@Andyro, I would just call Sarah at the Toronto store, or Dan at Menlo Park...I'm sure they could tell you your reservation # in no time...

I was #69 in Canada, but I reserved back in Feb / 10...will be interesting to see what your number will be!

Sarah called - looks like they had no information on me - I submitted the online form with my info, but neglected to mail the printed form(?) my bad I guess... will post the number when I see it... :)

Got my number after emailing in the signed form... number 2,619 was confirmed for me on November 5th.

Since I know the car isn't coming anytime soon, I'm standing by the mailbox every day waiting for my jacket. :)

@ Andyro...ah yes, I think they need a signed copy of the reservation form as it technically is a contract or part thereof.

Thinking back, I think I mailed my deposit cheque with the signed copy...looks like you only missed out on about a month...better to miss out a month now that a year from now when the TM stores have a demo in stock...seeing is believing so I'd bet demand will go viral then.

Thanks KKlabunde for posting your number, looks like between your number from Nov and Liz G. from Sept the preorder rate is right around 125/month.

Enjoy the jacket, its going to be an exciting wait for the car. Meanwhile keep hitting this site to get your Tesla fix.

I got notification that my sequence number is 2,627 of the General Production (P) reservation list. I reserved on Nov. 6.

To all my fellow Canadians, I am happy to see a larger than expected number of reservation holders. Andyro, did the Toronto sales office give any details on the eventual pickup of your Model S? If you do not live in Toronto, will you have to fly in and drive your Model S home or can the car be shipped to the home city from California? Also, will more sales show rooms be opened throughout Canada as time and sales progress? Thanks

Can Eng

Great to see so many Canadians placing reservations recently! I completed my payment & paperwork last week and P107 was confirmed for me - much higher than I had expected given that very recently a Canadian confirmation of P69 was mentioned. Looks like a dealer order, or 'fleet' jumped in just before me. Although I guess this will delay my delivery, the great thing, though, is that I had been hesitating because I didn't want to be one of only a very few Canadians - a small group would mean that there would be less likelihood of a true parts stocking dealer in the Toronto area. Now, it looks like there will be enough momentum to get the proper parts/support here - not that I expect to drive the Model S so hard that I'll need many parts ;)

@ Can Eng, I have not heard any specifics from TM about the mode of Model S deliveries...if they deliver the Model S the same as the Roadster, then they deliver it to your house (or any other agreed upon location i.e. place of work, etc.)

A new Roadster owner in Calgary just had his vehicle delivered to his house a few weeks ago.

If you go to the (unofficial)"club" website (, you will see some pics of some of the members Roadsters being's a good site in addition to this one

The last time I spoke with the Toronto office (back in Oct), Model S vehicles will probably start to be delivered by the 3rd quarter of 2012.

How soon after you reseve a model S, do you get your production #? I reserved mine yesterday BTW.

Back in Feb of this year, it took approximately 8 weeks to receive an email from TM advising me of my official reservation number...

Last month I obtained reservation #2540.
Paying the deposit is only the first step, make sure to FAX in the form.

I mailed a check with the completed form together.

Give them a call, I received an email later the same day (I think it was that soon). In fact I think they called me when they received the FAX. I'm in the USA, are you?

@Can Eng - I will be sure to ask Sarah (Toronto) re. delivery vs. pickup. 8 weeks seems like a long time. They really ought to clarify what to expect in terms of a response time. Did anyone get a glossy mailout with their production number or was this just a verbal or letter-sized sheet? AFAIK, One fills out the online form, then must submit the deposit with the reservation agreement. After the online reservation, an auto-generated email comes right away with links to the country specific R.A. stating: "A member of the Tesla Model S Customer Service team will contact you with your Model S production number, as soon as we receive your reservation payment and a signed reservation agreement". I had the option of wiring or mailing payment - I chose the latter and the check was cashed some 3 weeks later, but I didn't hear from Tesla until I contacted them. It seems the online submission does little more than provide the links to the paper form. I have the impression that right and left coasts aren't quite talking to each other yet. I dealt with an inside sales rep at first that has not responded to my emails in months (sacked?) - I would only assume take it that this is because after the plant opening/tour they became insanely busy.

@EdA - I mailed my check and signed form Monday, so it probably hasn't arrived yet. I'll give it a few weeks and if I don't hear from them I'll call and ask.

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