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P85 Badge on Performance Models

Just found out from another thread that Tesla will not have the P85 badge on it - thanks @nickjhowe for that info. That's too bad. IMHO, there should be something to distinguish the performance model. All luxury cars have it - BMW has M, Audi has S and RS, Merc has AMG, Lexus has F, etc. Even Tesla distinguishes the Sig and founders cars - diiferent reason, I know, but they do it.

Just wondering what others opinions are on this. I recall seeing the badge somewhere in a pic and it looked "cool". I am a reservation holder (getting the Perf version) and would really like to see it. If enough people would like to have it as well, I am hoping it catches the attention of someone at Tesla. PLEASE, ADD THE BADGE!

You could even offer double-size ones for the more extroverted owners!

@DouglasR - one of my friends did the gun rack for his Volt -- I'm sure he could hook you up with a design for the Model S :)


And by using PVCs for the rack, you can offset the harm that the Model S causes to our oil industry. Who needs a P85 badge anyway. :)

The real deal would be pop-up 007-style machine guns. Maybe the pano could be modified ...

I did see the picture of the "P85" badge and thought it was cool at first, but I agree with many of the others... Seeing my tail lights fade away in the distance will let people know I'm in my P85. "What the F was that???" they'll be saying :)

Still though, for the most part, only folks familiar with the Model S would know what the badge meant anyway.

Capt. Zap, sorry no chrome 21's, only silver paint

Any news with P85 badge?

All badging is available on request at the service charge for badging.

I was hoping for the Signature badge that I saw in images before the first production cars were produced. I was a bit surprised to not get one on the car. They seemed to vaporize without any word. I thought it was a nice looking badge.

I can't help but think that a P85 badge would be inappropriate on a Signature since the badge didn't exist back then. The spouse wants P85 badge but I'm hesitant since it wasn't original.

Got my P85 badge put on the car yesterday.



Captain_Zap. +1

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