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Off peak power rates survey

I'd like to help out tesla rumors with a survey. Please list the following and leave the commentary to other thread

Metro area

Utility company( some have more than one)

Off peak hours

Off peak rate

Portland Oregon


10pm 6am plus weekends ans some holidays


San Jose, CA

PG&E - E6 (Time of Use)

*Winter off-peak: 8pm-5pm (yes, 21 hours) - M-F all day Sat/Sun and holidays - $.10189 baseline
**Summer off-peak: 9pm-10am - M-F; 8pm-5pm Sat/Sun and holidays - $.09781 baseline

PG&E - E9A (EV Time of Use)

*Winter off-peak: Midnight-7am - M-F; 9pm-5pm - Sat/Sun; holidays - $.04680 baseline
**Summer off-peak: Midnight-7am - M-F; 9pm-5pm - Sat/Sun; holidays - $.03743 baseline

*Winter - May 1-October 31
**Summer - Nov. 1 - April 30

These rates are baseline rates based on a household's baseline allocation. Rates increase based on total overall usage and percentage over baseline. Differential could be as much as $.20 per kWh. This is where solar is particularly cost beneficial even if it doesn't fully cover a household's total electrical usage. If your output can at lease keep you out of the higher tiers, then the payback can be significant.


My numbers are a bit skewed due to my high usage (geothermal heat pump in a cold climate with a house with many windows).

Rochester, NY - RG&E (Iberdrola subsidiary)

No split between day/night. Total cost including wind energy surcharge for a portion of my consumption gives 9.2 cents/kWh

I think I paid closer to 12-13 c/kWh in my other house where I used much less power.

NStar tariff rates, assuming you take Basic Service and Schedule A5 Optional Time-of-Use Residential rates "This rate has peak and off-peak periods. Peak is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays from June through September; and 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays October through May. Off-peak is all other hours including weekends and the 12 Massachusetts holidays.":

(Note: the energy rate is determined by periodic auction and is due to reset in July.):

Winter rates (October-May):
On-peak $0.200/kWh
Off-peak $0.121/kWh
Summer rates (June-Sept):
On-peak $0.268/kWh
Off-peak $0.122/kWh

TOU rates for the win! Would be even better if there were a retail supplier who provided energy priced on/off peak.

San Diego
San Diego Gas & Electric
Midnight - 5am

With our 7.7KWA PV system, our cost per KW over the next 25 years (expected life of the system) is about $0.08 or 0.09 with SDGE. We make about 97% of what we use, though that will obviously go down when the Tesla arrives, and the wife gets her soon to be ordered Volt.

We may need to put a few new panels up to stay in Tier 1 pricing, though I also need to investigate the various EV programs that are available through SDGE.

EThomasN, Thanks for the idea and starting this discussion. Everyone who is helping with this, thank you! I can't wait to compile this data. Keep it coming. I appreciate it. I'm sure many will benefit.

Max Mindel

Vancouver, BC

BC Hydro

No on/off peak distinctions.

6.67¢/kWh up to 1,350 kWh/mo., thereafter 9.62¢.

P.S. BC Hydro pays 9.99¢ for feed-in "net" (above amount drawn) from solar etc.

Montreal, QC
Quebec Hydro
No on/off peak distinctions
5.39¢/kWh up to 30 kWh/day 7.51¢/kWh after that.
They only allow Net Metering ...

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