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Puget Sound Meetup

Someone is organizing a meetup for March or April at TMC:

I completed the survey, and intend to attend. My delivery estimate is 3-22 to 4-05, so I may not arrive in my S.

olanmills, are you attending?

Planning to attend. Still waiting for car to be built..........

Yeah I would make an effort to go, though if they end up choosing this coming weekend, I probably can't make it.

I got the email from Francis, but I haven't heard anything else or seen a new post since 03-11 on the TMC forum.

Has there been any news?

Yeah, in a different thread now. There is eventbrite registration:!

Sorry to miss you all--next time!

There will be door prizes and also, if enough people sign up, Metropilitan Detail will offer a group discount on wraps. So, please come!

I wish I could attend, but that is the beginning of Spring Break for Lake WA School District. I will be out of town with my family. I am very interested in a group discount on wraps from Metro Detail though. When my mutil-coat Red finally arrives, I want it protected! If a discount does materialize, please let them know that others that couldn't attend may be interested, and please let me know the details!

I'm in the same boat for Spring break. Would have loved to join in...

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