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Rattle-trap? Early delivery Production 85kw Quality Problems - Loaded, but loaded with problems.

VIN 1605 - Delivered early Dec, Now has over 4000 miles.
Creaks and rattles driving me nuts, but I still love the car.

My car was delivered a full month before expected, without warning I got the "your car is Ready" email, out of the blue. My response "what?. Would have waited another couple of months for a tighter build.

I love the EV concept so much that I just bought my spouse a Ford Focus Electric for commuting to work. It's hard to deal with the fact that the build quality on the Ford is better than my Tesla S. Tail between legs.

Anyone else suffer the following problems?

1)Creaking sunroof - (still creaking, Tesla tried to fix, not better)
2)Glove Box retainer broken - stuck in open position - (fixed by Tesla)
3)Rear seat belt not Latching - (fixed, I used tweezers to remove left over plastic that was stuck in mechanism)
4)Initial attempt at software update aborted and caused software problems - (new update complete all problems resolved)
5)New rattle at rearview mirror bracket.
6)New rattle at driver's side seat belt mount.
In addition to these problems I also suffered damage caused by service personnel:
When I picked up my care from the service center in Los Angeles after the first attempt to fix the sunroof I noticed a large scuff on the side of steering wheel - (I'm reminded of it every time I drive the car.) The plastic/rubber gasket that is exposed on the roof of the car was also gouged and damaged when the tech tried the stop the creaks and rattles.

Epley, just asking, is Ford well known for superior build quality? Never had one. Scratch that,
I had a 1984 Topaz for a year. It had a certain East German quality.

Schlermie, totally agree with your last phrase. I want to take my car in, but its really no big deal to me. My wife is more annoyed than I am. I drive a 67 mustang normally, so my perspective of a 'perfect driver' is slightly skewed. 'course my wife won't ride in my mustang either, LOL!
But the S is just so quiet, you expect it be even more quiet. Almost impossibly quiet. Almost want to ask, if they have a known fix, then take care of the roof. If not, I'll wait.
Sure gonna miss that piano tho. It wasn't easy getting that thing to fit in the roof... but it must go:-)

jinglehyme, I will offer you $4500 for your Model S if you don't want to buy my Del Sol.

lajollan - your Del Sol is worth about $2000. So it's an even trade. Not!

It's hot and dry in SoCal today. The sunroof is extra rattly and chatty. The other two rattles (seat belt mount and rear-view mirrior)have quieted down. Must have to do with moisture.


Sent an email through the Tesla website early this week. Got an auto-response to expect a personal response within 48 hours. Still no contact from Tesla - Might just have to take my chances and see if Santa Monica can try to again - without causing additional damage.

My car is 300 earlier than yours. 4000 miles. No rattle. The most rattle free car I've owned in my life. I have had other problems and have documented them in detail on the forum, mainly bluetooth and AC noise, both fixed. Takes persistance to get things fixed.

Oh, the least reliable car I owned in my life was a Mercedes high end E class. It was a money pit.

The creak in the pano roof seems to be a common problem. My creak appeared maybe two months into ownership. It comes and goes depending on the weather.

I took a drive to the LA service center without an appointment to ask about a couple of items including the creak. The service manager spent time with me on the other items and was totally accommodating.

On the creak, he said he wanted the car a whole day. He's had situations where he fixes the noise, the owner calls later that evening and the noise is back. He says it must be addressed at different temperatures etc. Smart!

One other item that I figured out myself with another owner. If you are sitting in the car waiting for some reason, there is an occasional "thump". After trying to figure it out it finally became apparent that it was the AC compressor kicking on and off. Once I knew what it was, it doesn't bother me now.

By the way, the drive on the 405 in the Diamond Lane was sweet. That will sell a ton of cars in congested areas. Passing Mercs, Bentleys etc. sitting bumper to bumper has to get some of them thinking.

Still no response from Tesla to the e-mail I sent. I guess I'll have to pick up the phone. Old School.

Light at the end of the tunnel -

So I called the LA service center and talked to Vince. He was very respectful and informative. He has promised to make everything right. He did let me know that Tesla is working on a sun shade or visor for the panoramic roof that will hold everything in place. In the meantime he said that they would tighten everything up. Once the permanent fix is ready, he'll install that.

Got my S P85 in early November. The pano roof started rattling about around the 2nd week. Does seem to be weather related - it doesn't rattle much in cold weather but rattles a lot during the hot day. Talked to Vince at the West L.A. service center and he said he'd need a day with the car so I'm waiting for my 12,000 service to bring it back which should be in a couple of weeks.

Also have had creeks on the left wheel base when turning at very low speeds. Hopefully they can fix this too.

The rattles and creeks are only problem with car but is annoying from a $105 K plus vehicle.

The water from the creeks may be causing the rattles. Unless they're dry creaks. ;)

Oh that rattle! So annoying.

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