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Today is March 2nd. Hopefully TM started producing Red Color Tesla S. Please whoever gets any information on a first production, please post.

Picked up at Fremont yesterday.
Red with Plaid interior - we chose the wide stripped alternating blue and green plaid seats.

Sorry, that last part was for ylyubarsky. (Hope you come to love your red before the sun comes out) Our seats are actually tan.

We took her home to Pebble. Stopped at the Lodge for lunch and before we got in the door 4 people had taken pics.

Stopped at the gas station in Pebble and told the attendant that I couldn't find the gas cap. He's a friend and was expecting me, but still funny to other patrons.

Now she is in the garage plugged into 110v awaiting installation of 240v (Solar City balked at the last minute even though we arranged with them 2 months ago. - booooo!!!)

So, yes, the Red is amazing - hard to describe the effects of sun and shade.

Tried out the Supercharger at Gilroy and a Chargepoint just 3 blocks from home. All worked fine.

Tesla forgot to put on the Armor, but they will. Everything else on the checklist (thanks for that Nick!!) was good.

Driving the way we normally do got us 325 Kwh from Fremont to Monterey. Varying between 60 - 80 on hwy. (Yes we do go over the limit in Calif - but with the flow of traffic!!!)

Want to thank all the Forum contributors that helped educate us on this amazing car and eased our trepidations about spending so much on something we were unsure of.

At the factory tour, each time we got close to a worker, we thanked them. If you happen to be there, that is something I suggest.

I selected tan leather with obeche gloss. I was originally thinking blue with grey leather and obeche matte (gorgeous combo) but ultimately decided to wait for the red.

The rest of my config is standard 85kWh, 19" wheels, pano, sound, tech, twin chargers, and rear facing seats.

"the wide stripped alternating blue and green plaid seats." Why did they take their clothes off?

"325 kWh from Freemont ..." did you mean 325 Wh/mi.?

@dsecrist, I thought long and hard about the blue, too, but when the red appeared...

Your final choice sounds great -- classic Ferrari colors. I went with the black & lacewood. I do wish I could have seen the grey prior to finalizing but am definitely psyched about black.


"325 kWh from Freemont ..." did you mean 325 Wh/mi.?"

I did that for you.

While at the factory yesterday, noticed lots of reds with black interior near the end of assembly. Couldn't get any VINs.

You just wanna grab a few of those unpainted fenders and doors maybe a hood for spare parts.... or a motor


Just took delivery today of our Red MS at Rockville MD Service Center. Order finalized 1/3/13; delivery button 4/4/13. 85kWh, Pano, 19", Grey Leather, Obeche Wood Gloss, Tech, Sound, Active Air. Jamee at Rockville was super to work with. Tesla grin frozen in place !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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