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Red Signature Model S Beta with Piano Black interior and black leather seats (Vin #48) now at Bellevue Square!

FYI - Vin #48, a Red Signature Model S Beta with Piano Black interior and Black leather seats is now on display at the Bellevue Square Tesla store as of 4-12-2012. This car has the 21 inch wheels and a panoramic roof.

Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably check it out some time this week anyway, but do you have any details on what's new and notable? Working door handles? Working roof?

I was at the store yesterday. The Signature Red paint really does look nice.

The fit and finish of the interior is better. I think everything looked really nice. I like the cup holders and armrests. People were saying that it looked uncomfortable or that the cup holder was not in a good location, but it felt okay to me. There was no update to the software. It seems like the roof can open and close, but they are not demonstrating it or allowing customers to play with it. They also don't keep the key fob on site, so you can't see the door handles working.

I also saw the car and liked the improvements for the most part. The TM emblems on the front and side seemed a bit cheap for me. I think they were not the final design, but did not have time to ask.

The rep speculated that May will be the month for announcements of being able to test drive the S before making the final purchase decision. My reservation is 296 for a Sig. I hope to hear from TM soon.

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