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"right under your nose"

mysteriously and nevertheless obviously.
What could this "right under your nose" mean?

Elon, I really enjoy this time- watching Tesla growing up and punching out.
... damn smart )

"right under your nose" could mean

- New Features in the Dashboard (Apps or whatever)
- Additional batteryPack in the Frunk
- Performance Edition with more HP
- Long Ride Version with 1000KM-Range

hmmm. Like it all!

Given the disappointment of the recent "major announcement" I would not expect too much from this "under your nose" comment. It could be as simple as additional voice commands to better control the car.

Could it be the drop in center console?

I think it is a reference to hardware that is already installed on all produced cars. The new features that utilize this embedded hardware would be "unlocked" via a purchase of an over the air software updates. My list of prospective features:
- proximity sensors --> auto park feature
- radar/proximity sensors --> adaptive cruise control / auto brake / lane departure warning / blind zone warning

Any other additions to the list?

wasn't there a deal with this "Display-Augmented-Reality-Whatever-Company"? Forgot the name, but the topic was "overlay-Graphics" for rearCamera.. like every german car have

this was the news. Maybe there comes a front-cam in addition to rear with AR.

"The megapixel OV10630 is a fully integrated system-on-chip (SoC) image sensor ideally suited for wide field-of-view and multi-camera applications. Its unparalleled ability to simultaneously deliver high-quality 720p HD video at 30 frames per second and superior scene information content is a key feature for applications that require concurrent vision and sensing functions. Featuring unique split pixel technology, the image sensor samples scene information for HDR multi-capture simultaneously rather than sequentially, minimizing motion artifacts and delivering superior image quality in the most demanding conditions."

The rear-view camera image will be shown across 100% of the rear-view mirror. That would be an improvement when looking at the mirror to see behind you.

Activation of the WiFi and data plan pricing. Maybe activation of the Media Center flash memory storage too.


No, THAT it wouldn not be an improvement. I have had my camera go dark on me while merging onto the freeway. I haven't had a mirror do that. The camera is a nice supplement but not a replacement.

Also, camera lenses get covered in water and road spray resulting in an image that is distorted to the point of being completely useless.

My wife's car has backup camera in the mirror. You can't see the LCD until it turns on, otherwise it looks like a full mirror. The LCD is hidden behind mirror. But that's not what I expect the next announcement will be. Hopefully nothing that craters the stock because it was over-hyped and gimmicky. Just sayin'.

google autodrive...

A front camera... right under your nose cone?

'Right under your nose' implies steering wheel or maybe dashboard display. However, I think he means other voice commands as our mouth is 'right under our nose'. How about...

'unlock doors', 'cruise control on', 'mute', 'open sunroof', 'eject passenger'...

I think he means the nose of the Model maybe the frontcam with full AR/Navi/Hotspots/SC etc..

It can be the head up display as many luxury brands have. Projection of essential data on windshield. Lets see when there will be major improvement to the car, like change in battery technology etc. That would have quite negative effect on resale value for present owners. Such news can come out only without any notice as would be difficult to sell then present production until new is in production. Why I go for 60- after 8 years you will not get the same battery as produced now,but a better one. The rest of the car should not get too different in that time.


another news under Your nose could be the announcement of a new S-Class Electric. Remember Elon comment of a secret future deal with mercedes? He said "a deal with a higher magnitude...".
Nothing heard about that for almost a Year. If Tesla attach the value of the S to the S-Class...maybe thats under
"Your nose"

Last quarter Tesla said that it had started a development program with Daimler to build a new electric Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a Tesla powertrain. This quarter Tesla said that the Mercedes-Benz deal could “exceed in value the sum of all powertrain agreements signed in Tesla history.” Tesla has $280 million in third party deals, including the deal with Toyota, said Deepak Ahuja, Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer on a call...

...and Musk said that the Daimler deal could potentially be “an order of magnitude” greater than that.

The only thing under my nose is the pocket in the front of the driver seat. I looked and there was a wad of cash in there with circulation date of 2025. This car is from the future.

Pretty sure the Mercedes deal is for the B-class.

Wishing it were "a whole house battery backup system" sitting there in your garage waiting to come online if you have a power interruption or an emergency!! Would love that!!

'Under your nose' - gonna replace steering wheel with a joystick.

My guess, having owned several MBs, is that it is will be a heated steering wheel. All MBs using the steering wheel in the Tesla come with heated steering. I think the wheel is configured that way, so it is probably just a matter of providing software to turn it on (just a guess). Probably useless for you California types, but a nice addition for those of us living in the North East.

In addition, Federal Government is actively buying EV's to support the grid and local power needs while also providing an offset to power costs. So "daily" you charge when power is low and dump power back on grid when power cost is high ..., offsetting costs. In an emergency to help mitigate impacts to local power needs batteries provide local power needs ..., supporting the grid. "Whole House Battery Backup" which also has capacity to manage power costs with push/pull mechanism. That would be a fantastic feature and would be "right under my nose".

Well, what's right under your nose is your mouth. Perhaps highly enhanced voice controls? Google Now/Siri integration?

electron: I think not, because when Mr Musk talked about the secret project, the B-Class-News was already out---- or I'm wrong?

Poor timing to introduce heated steering wheels just as spring is finally arriving.

I'm thinking it is indeed something under the nose cone of the car, based on Elon's intonation of the expression.

A laser rangefinder could be the Easter egg. That would provide many new features enabled by a software purchase. Parking sensor, distance servotronic cruise control, and accident avoidance auto-braking are all possible with that kind of sensor.

The trouble with speculation is that some folks are disappointed if they didn't get the Mr. Fusion nano reactor they were sure was in there.

+1 edouard

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