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Rightwing parties have won the elections for the Parliament in Norway. What implications will that have for EV incentives there?

Is that good news for future EV buyers or not?

Maybe our EV friends from Norway can say something about this.

Nobody (from Norway or elsewhere) has got any opinion on this matter?

I would imagine noone has answered because here in Europe the question might be baffling. I'm an American living in Italy for 12 years and I can say that for the most part the right wing parties in Europe are more progressive than the Democratic party in the States, especially in Scandanavia and especially with environmental issues. So the answer probably is it makes zero difference for EV buyers, but if I'm wrong maybe our friends in Norway can correct me.

By the way, the Tesla store here in Milan is gorgeous and I'm going for a Model S test drive on Saturday, so super looking forward to it. The first Teslas in Milan will be delivered at the end of September, will try to post photos of the delivery if I can.

The incentives will remain at least until 2017. Beyond that I don´t know. VAT is a possibility any day though I don't expect any before 2017

Should be good news. With the "Right Wing" the economy should improve and more people will be able to buy Tesla's.

Only one of the significant parties in Norway has failed to sign up to the environmental plan which includes generous EV incentives. While that party is now likely to get into government it seems highly unlikely the other coalition member(s) will allow them to torpedo this plan.

The main threat against Tesla in Norway will be from the public consensus which may not react favourably to seeing government "subsidized" luxury cars on the roads. If this turns into a strong force, some of the minor incentives may start getting whittled away.

The very explicit threat to the incentives is the year 2017, or having 50k EVs on the roads. The parties have not promised much beyond these two points (whichever comes first).

So, it now depends on the results of the coalition talks.

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