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Is Romney anti-Tesla?

In tonight's debate (10/22/23) Romney said the Government investing in Tesla, amongst a few other companies, is not a good way to create American jobs. Is he anti-Tesla? And should we worry about losing the EV tax credit for 2013 and beyond if he is elected? I am not trying to flame or campaign, just trying to get a clear understanding on what a Romney administration might mean to Tesla.

Seems like he is "willfully misinformed"... Sad.

I do think the EC credit goes away sometime in 2013 in a romney administration. his backers paid alot for that.

I think I need to give Mitt a ride in my Model S and give him a little jolt! Is Obama ever going to say that the $$$$ is not an investment, but a loan?

Misinformed or heavily funded by special interests in Detroit (he was a Michigan senator after all) or big oil is also pulling his strings. For the record, some Dems are also on the take so nobody is safe!

Yes. He mentions Tesla and Fisker in the same breath as a bad government investment. Same as the most uninformed people who berate Tesla owners.

See, if Obama had been reading these forums, he'd know how to respond when someone made a negative comment about Tesla. Any of us could have torn Mitt a new one on that question.

It is a LOAN, dude, and Ford got 12 times more from the same program!

I see what he's saying that the government shouldn't be picking winners, but by targeting Tesla and Fisker he seems to imply that EVs are a failure. That to me says a lack of education on these companies and that's disappointing. As such, his language seems to say, IMO, that killing the credit would be on his radar since he doesn't believe in electric mobility. However, this credit has been around for a long time and I doubt he'd rock the apple cart right away, if at all. This mentality of embracing the elephant in the room is where I stand in stark contrast from the GOP. It's horribly frustrating to hear for decades that we're going to kill the addiction to oil yet nothing of meaning ever gets done. I'm taking my vote into my own hands and voting Tesla.

It's that same lame argument as cutting funding to PBS! Because a couple million will save us all apparently?

Romney would prefer to send Tesla to China where the tech would enhance his investments. He like most luddites prefer the never faulty God inspired "free market" to solve all our problems discounting the enourmous investments made this government for the "common welfare" of this nations citizens. A small list.
Just after the revolution Congress passed laws to encourage manufacturing in New England.

The TVA to bring power to farmers and rural areas in the south. Hoover dam and others for flood control and irrigation.

Darpa for advanced research benifiting military and industrial concerns (including with Al Gores help : ) the internet itsef, a socialist collective enterprise if ever there was one.

Medical Research paid for by the taxpayer but the patents given to pharma (now there is welfare I can get behind.)

The infrastructure that makes all this possible.
Comrade Bob

Wow! He again mixed success and failure. I was so surprised after him getting such criticism the last time he lumped success and failure and indicating investing in technology was a bad idea. Not a good indicator in general and certainly not for future actions supporting Tesla, their owners, and advanced automotive technology. How this plays out is yet to be seen. Hopefully Tesla will just be successful regardless of the government. A great product and a great business plan should do the trick.


And don't forget a great CEO.

You know Mitt's anti-Tesla comments are about the only consistent position he has held in his political life...

Thanks..Elon Included!

It frustrates me to hear uninformed campaign rhetoric like this, which gives the lay person a misrepresentation of Tesla. This might be a good time for Tesla to launch some marketing ads touting their progress and soon to be huge success.

Oops! blew your "name"


Nothing touts success like results. More Model Ses on the road is the best marketing they can get right now, IMO.

Agree, can't wait to see my first Model S in the Colorado wild.

Yeah, at some point you just need to put up or shut up!

I guess my educational phone call to his campaign headquarters didn't help Romney.

It looks like he brought up Tesla to gain Detroit votes since it was used in that context.

Still, our President shouldn't disrespect our own businesses for political gain.


I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, I'd be thrilled to see one in the wild. But on the other, I want to be the first kid on the block with a Model S!

Whatever his position was, wait five minutes and it will change.

I missed Romney's Tesla comment; was only listening with half my attention.

@velo1: What can we do to improve your chances of seeing a Model S in the wild? I'm out and about in mine around the north Denver exurbs most days. ;-)

Its not that Romney does not like Tesla or is against Tesla. His point is Government should back research and not individual companies.

Pretty sure congress has to overturn it right?

SteveZ, come up to Evergreen, Bergen Pek area. How well does the regen braking work going down I-70 from Genessee Park: 6 miles almost straight down hill?

I don't get this argument. What does a VC do? They invest in a bunch of companies, knowing many will fail, but the others will be wildly successful. The 10-20% that are successful make up for the rest, and make entire investment worthwhile. More than worthwhile. So Solyndra failed. Maybe Fisker. Does this mean that we shouldn't invest? A company like Tesla could be a game changer. Totally disruptive in the marketplace. But really, individual companies are irrelevant. The Obama campaign needs to use the VC argument and fight the ignorance.

Obama should educate Mitt on Tesla … the President missed a big opportunity here.

Realistically, I seriously doubt Obama knows the difference between Fisker/Solyndra/Tesla either.

My facebook blew up on this comment, one of my friends posted "Have you driven a Tesla Governor Romney?" and I thought Obama hit him with that line in the debate, I was disappointed to learn that Obama just let it slide.

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