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RV park charging

Tessie and I brought 2 friends to the ocean to stay 2 nights at a WA state park with RV power points that are standard 12A 125V or 30/50A but requiring NEMA TT~30 (not the pistol). Affter >24 hours of charging at 12A, gaining 4 mph, and since we don't leave until tomorrow, we'll be fine. Is there a NEMA 14~50 to TT~30 adapter? What would you have done, short of abandoning our other 5 friends and going to a park with more modern wiring (and perhaps without yurts)?

Not sure how well the above linked adapter would really work since it only sends 120vac to your NEMA 14-50 plug. Those 30 amp plugs are only 120v.

I am also looking for a solution for connecting to a NEMA TT-30 outlet.

NEMA TT-30 would work for 240v but I have never found one at an RV park. I did discover that the 30 amp and 20 amp circuits are fed from two separate hots so it would be possible to combine them to get 240v.

The car doesn't care what you feed it. You could put a NEMA 14-50 outlet on a 10A breaker on a 120V circuit if you want (I'm sure this is against code), and as long as you dialed the current down on the car you could charge fine, albeit slowly.

Yes, people have made adapters to NEMA 14-50 receptacles so they could plug into a 20A@120V circuit, and the mobile charger handles that just fine. So, you should be able to use that adapter and charge at 24A@120V.

I have TT-30, 10-30 and 14-30plugs connected to NEMA 14-50 sockets, and a 14-50p to 14-50r 30' extension lead. Tested it in my 10-30 dryer outlet tonight at 24A (30A breaker) at 240V and worked fine (albeit the 10-30 plug spades were a little warm when the car finished charging). The original idea was just to have a 14-30 to 14-50 for use at my mother-in-laws house, but I got carried away and thought I might as well have the other two, too. ;-)

Thanks for your ideas. I think I'll get one of the adapters nickjhowe pointed out. My electrician said the wires could handle the amperage safely. (I did get recharged and home OK, with 16 mi. range remaining.)

Remember that the off the shelf item I linked to is only for a TT-30 outlet found in RV parks. If you want something for a 10-30 or 14-30 dryer outlet you'll need to make one yourself or choose one of the 'custom cable' options that quite a few online electrical retailers offer. The latter won't be cheap.

Yurts tend to have marginal wiring. So you have to hang around for a couple of days. >;)

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