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*For Sale*--New set of 19" wheels + tires

Hi. Per subject, I have a (practically) brand new set of 19" Model S wheels + tires from the factory. They have ~10 miles on them, before I switched out (as planned--I changed my mind after finalizing) to a set of 21" wheels.

You can contact me at w/best offer. I live in San Jose. Would prefer that they be picked up, but I'm willing to ship at cost of packaging/shipping via method of your choice.

I'd also be open to a partial trade for a factory spoiler, in case anyone has one they've decided not to use.

Thanks. Take care.

Brief additional info.

I called Tesla, and they quoted $2300 for the set. I'll sell these (effectively brand new) for $1800 (w/o shipping. Let me know if interested. Thanks.

Interested, but I live in Seattle and want to cap shipping at $ 200 max. Thanks.

Interested also - would like to know if they are silver or gray. I live in Chicago, so I would want you to find the shipping cost.

$2300 seems expensive tire rack has the 19 inch for $145 and Tesla had quoted me $275 per rim so $1700 plus shipping still should put you way under.


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