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A new supercharger was added at BWI's Top floor of its daily garage, according to plugshare. Why would we need that? Is that a wise choice?

The description reads:

Tesla HPWC (Model S), Tesla SuperCharger
Two stations on top floor of Daily Garage

I suspect it's just 2 HPWC not 1 HPWC and 1 SuperCharger. But 2 HPWCs would be really nice!

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That's awesome! But of course, people park there for days. So hopefully the two are just a down payment on a whole row of them as they get popular.

I just checked Plugshare and it seems they made a mistake. They have just changed it to 2 HPWC. You were right Alex.

I just don't understand the logic of putting chargers in Airport garages.
If someone parks there and then flies away... It becomes a charger that is wasted.
Only solution is to have a charger at every parking stall and that's not going to happen soon.

120v for a bunch of long term parking stalls makes a lotta sense as it'll keep a maintenance charge. The HPWCs are better AWAY from parking spots so people can fuel up before they leave.

The only thing that makes sense at airports is many standard 120v outlets in long-term parking and a few HPWCs or SCs in short term parking.

The advantage of a HPWC or SC is that I don't have to use my own cable or adapter and leave it there to be messed with.

>The advantage of a HPWC or SC is that I don't have to use my own
>cable or adapter and leave it there to be messed with.

Well *that* is certainly worth $250,000 per SC... :-)

Where is BWI garage with the new chargers?

BWI's site says there are 240v SemaConnect ChargePro (J1772) stations in the Daily and Hourly garages. In Daily, they're on 1 (seen those) and 9 (haven't seen those). I trust BWI's site more than plugshare, where it sounds like anyone can type anything. Check out BWI's site:
"Four SemaConnect ChargePro stations are located on Level 1 and Level 9 of the Daily Garage, with the additional four located on Level 1 of the Hourly Garage."

I think that's poorly worded; there are 4 stations on 1, so with the report of 2 something-or-others on 9, were there originally 2 and 2, and now there are 4 and 2, or does BWI mean there are 4 and 4 (8 total)?

IMHO it makes no sense for BWI to install HPWCs anyway, though I'm happy they have 240 and not just 120.

BTW plugshare now it says "Two stations on top floor of Daily Garage" and only "EV Plug" without saying anything like HPWC or 240 or anything. Redundant anyway, as there's another BWI Daily Garage listing already (which is also confused; it says 5, but it has images indicating availability for 4 stations...sigh).

I'm unimpressed with PlugShare based on this and another apparently bogus HPWC listing I heard about recently. Amusingly, PlugShare claims to pull data from SemaConnect regularly....

P.S. I didn't go to the 9th floor to see how many were there, but I used one of the four on the first floor last weekend. :-)

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